A petition was recently started to try to make the actor and renowned conservative James Woods the next governor of California, reports The Washington Times.

The petition that was launched on Tuesday reads, “James Woods, governor of California? Why not? The Golden State has a long history of electing leaders from the deep end of the thespian pool. From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californian voters actually seem to enjoy casting ballots for Republican actors.”

“An effort to shake up the California governor’s race by placing James Woods on the ballot is gathering steam. The online signature-gathering effort intends to assist fed-up Californians in taking a stand against one-party rule and the increasing likelihood that two Democrats will appear on November’s gubernatorial ballot amid a Republican shutout,” says talk radio host and conservative activist Melanie Morgan, a Marin County resident who is coordinating the effort to recruit Mr. Woods.

The petition strongly advocates for competition in California’s governor’s race this year, instead of being dominated by the Democratic party as it usually is.

Woods is a staunch supporter of President Trump and has been very open about his willingness to shut down liberals or protect the freedom of speech for conservatives. He has over 1 million Twitter followers, and his opinions are well-calibrated, timely, frequent, and provocative.

The buzz about possible celebrity presidential candidates has been what everyone is talking about after the Golden Globes this past Sunday.

After Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award, tweets were going out saying #Oprah2020 and “Oprah for President.”

While this is an amusing notion, there hasn’t been any actual confirmation from Oprah saying that she intends to run. Nor has Woods come forward to give an official bid either. This trend of giving popular celebrities a chance at running for office is an increasing trend in America today, but if the 2016 election will tell us anything, it’s anything can happen.