We have known that Hillary Clinton was guilty of illegal acts with regards to her private email server for a long time now, but Sean Hannity just released some new information Fox News has found about James Comey’s botched investigation job into Clinton’s email server and it is astounding.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, released copies Thursday of edits made to Comey’s final statement regarding Clinton’s email server that he read in July 2016.

The newly released documents show line-by-line edits including “grossly negligent” being downgraded to “extremely careless,” which the word negligent is the legal standard that would have proved she broke the law.

Other changes that were made to the statement are the phrase “reasonably likely” being changed to just “possible” that “hostile actors” gained access to then-Secretary of State Clinton’s private email account.

“All of this continues to prove that the fix was in from the very beginning of what is a farce of an investigation,” Hannity said.

Another alarming fact about the entire email investigation is that Comey’s first draft of his statement was made on May 2, 2016, but Clinton and key members of her staff weren’t interviewed until two months later. How could Comey come up with a conclusive decision if he hadn’t even interviewed the main suspects yet?

Hannity declares that Clinton was exonerated before she was even investigated.

Hannity also explains that another new report shows that the State Department struck a deal with Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin that allowed them to remove electronic and physical records they claimed were “personal” and “unclassified, non-record materials.”

“This is beyond outrageous, and it shows that there is a different set of rules and standards for the Clintons and their allies,” Hannity said. “It is all part of a pattern when it comes to the Clintons. The fix is in all the time.”

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  • GrizzMann

    This is beyond outrageous? No. it is Democrat standard operating procedure. Mueller and Comey have ushered the FBI to the agency’s present level of efficiency, honesty, integrity, non biased investigation and good standing.

    • Disgusted once again

      You are blind, dumb and deaf if you truly believe the Dems, Comey and Mueller are honest or integral. These people are part of the giant machine that is dismantling America. They are all treasonous low life’s that don’t care one bit for the American people. This is simply part of the power grab that has been being perpetuated for decades. Obama was the newly appointed ring leader then Hilary was supposed to step in but she was so obvious even the idiot believers could not get her elected.

      • your neighbor

        … WAS, dismantling America. Thank you Donald Trump for saving us from Clinton, etc. I’m hoping the dismantling is being reversed, actually see it happening. We really dodged a bullet rejecting obama, etc.

      • supergun

        obama just about destroyed America. Had hillary been elected, we would have been in big trouble.

      • your neighbor

        oOh, he tried to destroy America. He TRIED HARD… BUT HIS SSHHIT did not stick to Americans. He will continue to call out from the dark cavern he should be kept in. Trump will save our course and steady boat. whew, close call.

      • GrizzMann

        Sometime you should read the comment. Where did you get the idea that I suggested the level was good?

      • supergun

        Our Nation’s Security and Freedom depends up the Citizen’s intelligence level to vote and put people in office that are honest, have high integrity standards, and morally conscious. grizzman is the type of citizen that will cause a Nation to fall.

      • Clara Flores

        Supergun, that is the standard for democrats, and they pull all kinds of illegal strings in the elections, including bringing the dead back to vote democrat, voting more than once , lots of fake stuff that sometimes gets reported.

      • supergun

        Including the corruption of the FBI

    • Frankiedoodle


  • supergun

    We, the People, of These United States of America, had not idea of the corruption in our government. This is scary.

  • Wmichaelmic

    I hope Hannity had real good bodyguard protection. Hillary and Obama are certainly making plans
    which would include some sort of unlikely suicidal death for the man. More than likely two shots to
    the back of his head. Yes, I said Obama. He is in neck deep in every scandal involving Hillary.

  • 46patrick46

    Obama transformed the FBI into the KGB.

    The Agency that was once was called the Untouchables has been transformed into CORRUPTIBLES !

  • Mike_Travis

    Gee. You mean Hitlery is dishonest? In a paraphrase of the famous words of inspector Renoux as he receives a bribe from the croupier in Rick’s casino, I’m shocked to find that Hitlery is dishonest.

    The real question is so what? Every honest person has known since Hillary was fired form her very first job for unethical behavior that she was fundamentally dishonest, and her behavior since that first firing has reinforced that conclusion. What we have never seen is for her to be charged with ANY of her crimes, not even know when she has committed serious crimes that could include treason, dereliction of duty for refusing to respond to multiple requests for increased security in Benghazi then refusing to allow two military units to send relief teams in to support the brave warriors when the embassy came under attack, and many, many more.

    If Trump does not push the DoJ to make an honest, in depth investigation of Hitlery, we will know that America is finished, for if Trump won’t investigate the most corrupt person ever to inhabit the swamp in DC, then who will.

  • tom2

    Subtlety doesn’t exonerate corruption. Time for Mueller to admit that his crew was corrupt and the report is contaminated beyond worth. To save what little respect remains, he should condemn the report and step down.

  • FreemenRtrue

    There are no honest people in our oppressive government. BS you say? some of them are honest – just dominated by corrupt political appointees. BS – any honest person would leak info on the corrupters – they are as quiet as mice.

  • domar1938

    Makes Comey’s dismissal all the more justified.