Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, are demanding that the FBI counsel Lisa Page, who exchanged pro-Hillary and anti-Trump texts with her boyfriend Peter Strzok, to appear in front of Congress to answer some troubling questions, reports Zero Hedge.

Just last week the texts conversations between Strzok and Page were released to the public and not only was it made clear their hatred for Trump, but they also suggested that the FBI may have crafted an “insurance policy” to prevent a Trump presidency.

A letter has been sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, from Goodlatte and Gowdy to continue to investigate the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation as well as the “Russian Collusion” investigation that appears to be behind politically biased and politically motivated leaders.

The two lawmakers are also demanding the appearance of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki, and FBI counsel Lisa Page for transcribed interviews starting tomorrow.

After Gowdy’s major showdown with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in which Gowdy laid out all of the facts that point to Robert Mueller’s investigation being nothing but a politically motivated witch hunt aimed at taking down President Trump and not presenting the actual facts.

You can watch Gowdy’s whole monologue towards Rosenstein here. It’s pretty phenomenal.

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  • Jerry

    Keep digging all the way to the big swamp snakes (Obama and Hillary).

  • jackw97224

    Lisa Page is just ranother commie/socialist DemonKrait swamp rat that needs to be terminated an sent to the boobyhatch farm along with Strzok, comey, mueller, hillary, obumma, lerner, lynch, amy schumer, wasserman-schultz, manchin, harry reid and so many others. Politics is violence. We need to replace political government with organizational government based on voluntary contracts. We need to be free. We live on the plantation state run by masters/politicians and their overseers/enforcers. How ironic that the nation born out of the desire to be free has devolved to a nation of slop-at-the-trough, suck-at-the-golden-teat, slovenly dependent, anti-freedom stinkin’ majority of slaves.

  • Richard Hunt

    Ya know, a LOT of people keep throwing names out there of people who should be brought to justice … AND I AGREE, with each one of them … I also noted that one name keeps getting missed by everyone … That name is JOHN KERRY !!! He was a big name back when the ” SWIFTBOAT ” story came to light back in VietNam !!! The men who worked alongside John Kerry called him a TRAITOR back then … Then he decided to go POLITICAL … Became Secretary of State, and brokered the Iranian NUCLEAR peace deal, which we are all so aware of, and how Obama ” stuck it ” to the AMERICAN people … Meanwhile, Kerry’s daughter married this Iranian big whig, and now Kerry has him for his SON IN LAW !!! How cozy is that ??? Why oh why did they ever decide to STOP SHOOTING TRAITORS ??? That punishment should be brought back to LAW !!! That’s about the best DETERRENT to crossing AMERICA !!! Let’s start throwing HIS name around with all the rest !!!
    Am I alone ??? Or do others feel as I do about this AMERICAN ??? !!!

    • Pathfinder0100

      So well said Larry!!!

    • Norm Farnsworth

      Kerry is a POS like the Clintons, but a harmless has been, just like the Clintons. Obama is the real one to focus on he has money power and the ability to influence elections in 2018.

      • Richard Hunt

        Again Norm, I agree about the Caliber of person that Kerry, AND the Clintons are … HOWEVER, While detest how CROOKED and DISLOYAL our previous
        President was, ( AND IS ) Considering situations such as BENGHAZI and others, where people DIED, and there were Military standing by, and they were told to ” STAND DOWN ” … You look about my age … Perhaps you served … I know I served two consecutive tours in VietNam during 66, 67, & 68 in the
        Marine Corps … No matter what the situation was, or how exhausted we were, if a situation arose that our fellow servicemen needed assistance, all we needed was ” THE WORD ” and we’d be loaded and out the door … We each had each others ” 6 ” and we knew they would do the same for us … This is but ONE such
        incident of MANY that the PEOPLE in that administration have pulled and gotten away with … I still remember that the next day Obama went to a Democratic fundraiser … I don’t think AMERICA ever found out what he was doing that evening that those MEN were being killed … They BLAMED that VIDEO and
        if I’m not mistaken that man is still in prison over that film … Not to mention that
        Doctor that helped to locate where Bin Laden was hiding out in his compound
        in Pakistan a short distance from a Pakistani Military base … Oh, we got Bin Laden, but that Doctor that HELPED us find him was arrested and he and his
        family has suffered for it since… He was imprisoned and was being TORTURED … But that’s okay because Obama got what HE wanted out of it..
        You better believe HE took the credit for it too … As he ALWAYS does …
        What I’m saying here, is I for one REFUSE to turn my back on the treachery committed by pretty much EVERYONE in that administration !!! I think we should order a BUNCH of orange jumpsuits and drop them into Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail in Arizona !!! I LOVE Carma !!! I thought Jimmy Carter would forever hold the WORST PRESIDENT EVER, title til the end of eternity but
        next to Obama, Carter was a PRINCE !!! Obama was, NO, IS a DISGRACE !!
        In fact, I believe I’m being KIND to that TRAITOR … ALL OF THEM !!!
        Now that HE’S gone, May I wish EVERYONE, a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
        And GOD BLESS !!!

      • Nanette Gray

        The last president is a puppet of G.Soros and elite Globalist in high position with wealth to boot. Just because the Clinton politically are not relevant right now, they still are having people murdered! These things are just the tip of the iceberg. One must stop and wonder why are they so rabid like wild cornered animals about President Trump winning. The reason is given away with their vitriol hatred and doing everything they can to get him out of office! There is much much more to uncover and it is going to uncover so much corruption that goes through all places and peoples, that our American heads are going to spin!

      • ladybug

        I agree, they are all running and hoping they are not the ones being OUTED next. All this crap was to be covered up if killery had been elected! Hate all OUR tax payer money being wasted on these EVIL, LYING, GREEDY, MONEY HUNGRY, POWER HUNGRY, TWO FACED so called reps of we the people! No matter what office they might hold. Just be sure NOT one of them get ANY benefits when fired!

      • ladybug

        Sorta funny how they did NOT have money before he became Pres? HMMMMMMM Where or Where did it all just appear from? Not from anything GOOD thats for sure!

  • Pathfinder0100

    Just cannot describe the respect I have for Trey!!!

  • Richard Hunt

    Again, you’re right about Obama, and he hasn’t been able to shut his mouth since he left office … But remember, ” FOLLOW THE MONEY ”
    he was groomed by SOROS, and now they have ANOTHER one of
    the same still being groomed for 2020 … Same as Obama, but this
    one is being more open about WHO he is !!! America better start
    paying attention to WHAT is going on and by WHO !!! It’s NOT over !!!

  • TattooRose

    Bravo Trey Gowdy!

  • deusexmachina1

    Simply put, the fix was in…

    and before there was this so-called investgation that will eventually go nowhere….as usual…

  • ladybug

    Anyone caught pulling this crap needs to be fired! NO appearance before any committee you have proof. No benefits, and banned from any government job! State or Federal. We need to get rid of all the rotten apples, and drain the swamp! NO transfers to any other dept. OUT! And Attys need to be disbarred!

  • libsarescum

    Trump efed up not naming Gowdy AG, instead of the puzz Sessions