Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera lashed out against Hillary Clinton over excerpts from Donna Brazile’s book about the Clinton campaign and how the DNC worked with Clinton to rig the primaries during the 2016 election cycle.

Rivera said Brazile is “throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus and revealing — that the DNC was virtually a criminal enterprise.”

He said the new revelations, even criticized by Clinton’s friend Elizabeth Warren, “not only is it the nail in the coffin and the end forever of the Clinton era, but it also, more relevantly, shows that the Democratic National Committee is in total disarray.”

Rivera believes that Sen. Sanders had a shot to win the primary and Clinton conspired with the DNC to see that he never had a chance.

He also supported President Trumps assertion that the Justice Department should open an investigation into the Clinton campaig:

“Rivera didn’t believe that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a chance at winning the Democratic presidential nomination and that his success proved ‘how weak a candidate’ that Clinton was.

“He also agreed with President Donald Trump’s tweets on Friday calling for the Justice Department to investigate Clinton and the DNC.”

As more information comes to light it paints a picture that is not going to look good for the Clintons. Although the left-wing media is trying to silence Donna Brazile, they cannot prevent the American people from formulating their own opinions on the matter. And it may well end up poorly for the Clintons.

We will continue to watch and update this emerging scandal.

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  • dcoker

    I don’t know why everyone is surprised by this revelation. The Clinton’s have been crooks their entire political lives.

    • Brother

      We’re not surprised… We are hopeful that the Clintons might actually end up in jail. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

      • supergun

        If they would just leave the Country, that would be nice.

    • Toni Macrie

      Most democrats are crooks.

    • supergun

      We have a lot of idiots that still don’t believe it.

  • Indiana Mike

    Never forget, this whole Mueller Wittch Hunt was initiated as a Comey admitted revenge vendetta against the President that fired him and is based upon the False Fusion GPS Dossier that Comey, Clinton and the DNC et all paid to have fabricated out of thin air.


    The democrat party is the most corrupt party I have ever heard of !!!!! They seem to think they can just buy their way around !!!!?

  • mbnick

    Am beginning to wonder if Sessions is in on the Mueller and DNC scams.

  • reagangs

    NEWS FLASH:: The Clintons threw themselves under the bus.

  • donl

    Geraldo better have a body guard, as well as Brazile and Bernie. I still believe Hillary is taking some of the heat off Obie, For a Fee. The Clintons charge for everything, including advise.

    • supergun

      In other words, you are saying that they will pay? or else.

    • Brian Jones

      AND Geraldo better fly commercial air n.e.v.e.r. a private plane..hinthint

  • Toni Macrie

    We the People are really tired of this corruption scenario. If anything Does come of ANY prosecutions re: the clintons, it will take a LONG time because SO many people and organizations are tied to them (bribes).

  • db cooper

    “bring down the clintons” . . . how many times have i read that headline. good luck but doubt very much if it will ever happen . . . besides, who would be left to be the poster child for unequal u.s. justice.

  • supergun

    Never in our history, has America seen such corruption. If we don’t put it out, it could destroy America. The previous 8 years of destruction will be hard to over come, but America has always been able to succeed.


    “Democrats for Prison”