George Soros

Liberal megadonor George Soros is always playing politics behind the scenes. He’s one of the largest funders of Democratic candidates and liberal causes on the planet. So it’s newsworthy when he goes out of his way to try to stop a Democratic candidate from succeeding. A new report from the Washington Post indicates that he is working overtime to make sure New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand does not win the nomination for president in 2020.

And why exactly? He blames Gillibrand for attacking Sen. Al Franken when he came under fire, and ultimately resigned, over groping accusations. And now Soros wants Gillibrand “blackballed” for turning on Franken:

Soros believes Gillibrand only attacked Franken, who was rumored as a presidential candidate, in order to clear the field and make her 2020 chances better.

Soros has long been a supporter of Franken’s. He raised money for him as far back as in 2008 during his recount election.

“So she is campaigning, and I hope she doesn’t — there is one less candidate,” Soros said.

Gillibrand also caused commotion when she said former President Bill Clinton should have resigned from office following the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It is a clear change in strategy for Gillibrand, who has been silent and supported Clinton in the past. She is clearly trying to capitalize off of the recent #MeToo movement. And Soros is not happy about it.