A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle, WA horrified people everywhere when a video clip surfaced of him kicking Christians out of his shop in an unhinged rant. The vulgar comments made by owner Ben Borgman were in response to his being ‘offended’ by their leaflets calling for the end of abortion. The group ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ was not passing out leaflets in his shop, but were just taking a break from their canvassing when they decided to have coffee at Seattle’s Bedlam Cafe.

But then Borgman realized who they were and demanded they leave because he’s gay. Warning, this is downright disturbing language:

“In the video of the rant, he says: ‘I’m gay, you have to leave.’

“Asked if he is denying them service, he says ‘yes’.

“He continues: ‘This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.’

“‘Do you tolerate my presence?’

“‘If I got my boyfriend and f*** him right here would you tolerate it?’

“The group members respond by saying they would tolerate it, and saying it is his choice, and point out that they have gone into his shop without making a fuss.”

It got worse from there. He then makes some sexually explicit comments about Jesus, which we choose not to repost here. If you really want to hear it, The Blaze posted it.

The coffee shop has a rainbow flag hanging outside. So the Christians knew it was supportive of gay rights. But they just wanted coffee and weren’t interested in making a scene.

But in the aftermath the Bedlam Coffee Shop is undergoing a major dose of karma. The company has deleted its Facebook page and another page shows tons of angry reviews citing the video. The Mirror captured some of these:

“One person wrote: ‘You are a hate filled bigot and should have your shop closed down. If you would be refused service because you were gay would that be ok with you.’

“Another said: ‘Funny how the individuals who demand tolerance and acceptance are the least tolerant and accepting people there are. It is sad he lives a life filled with so much hate.'”

Leftists that argue for equality should be outraged by this coffee shop owner. But instead, many are calling him a hero. But if a baker refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding, he is deemed an irresponsible bigot and condemned by every liberal group on the planet. They hypocrisy is stifling.

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