Gallup, as they do every year recently conducted their “Most Admired Person Poll.” At the top of the list for men was Barack Obama for the 10th year in a row, however, people are warming up to President Trump as his second place position shrank to just a 3% deficit this year vs. last. Now the real surprise was that Hillary Clinton topped the list for most admired women.

Hillary received a whopping 9% of the vote. Nine percent. And Gallup felt that was enough to declare her the most admired woman in America. Hillary’s crumbling support is only further diminished by the fact that only 1,049 people were polled. Some quick math reveals that Hillary is the most admired person in the country to approximately 95 people.

Even if that 9% is expanded to the entire country, that puts Hillary’s support at about 30 million.

To make the situation even better,  Gallup released another poll earlier in December that came to the following conclusion.

“Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.”

So, if those same 1,049 people polled were asked the question “Do you view Hillary Clinton favorably or unfavorably?”, 640 would have said unfavorably. That is almost 7 times as many people as said she was the woman they admired most.

If we once again expand Hillary Clinton’s abysmal approval numbers to the whole country she is viewed unfavorably by 200 million people. Again almost 7 times as many people as would have said they viewed her unfavorably as said she was the woman they admired most.

Yet, this news has Democratic news anchor’s freaking out. Hillary Clinton Advisor Richard Goodstein said the following to Tucker Carlson Tonight substitute host Mark Steyn.

“Mark, can I just say, you introduced me as the Hillary person. It must have hurt when the Gallup Poll said again that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the most admired men and women in the world.”

Goodstein clearly did not do his research and learn that Clinton is also one of the most disliked in the world.

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  • mbnick

    Typical of the corrupt and bitter media control freaks.

  • dan690

    I can see how she would win a poll that says she should be in prison.

  • Jacklunchbox

    Hillary is old news. Put a fork in her. She’s done. It is time to move on.

  • regulus30

    meaningless liberal “bunk”.

  • supergun

    Polls have been proven to mean absolutely 0. Nothing. False. Untrue.

    • donald540

      I KNOW that a POLL can be worded to say something that makes ALMOST anything the poll takers want it to mean to the people voting on those polls and SO the poll will do ALMOST what the poll takers to say almost ANYTHING they want ihe results to say.

  • Linda

    I would vote for a monkey before I would vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • Lee Cumbie

    No poll is worth even reading unless it lists the demographic it polled and how at the beginning of the results. Politicians – Admired? Are they polling staffers in Congress?

  • pmat33

    Hillary’s greatest legacy is her acceptance of Bill’s dailiness with Monica–a true reflection of her values!

  • Francia Engle

    And the only ones they polled were Democrats

  • Bill Turney

    Gallup continues to confirm their lack of credibility every time they open their mouth. They are fake news.

  • True__American

    Here’s my vote, a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Gallup polls!
    They’ve always been left-leaning libtards and answerable to the liberal media.
    And I don’t trust most any other polls conducted, especially those many that conclude anti-American stand points or views. There mostly conducted in Democratic states, and around liberal colleges.
    No confidence in any of those polls. They’re always slanting their results to their view point.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Both she and Obama in those positions sounds like political pig manure. And if you know what that smells like you totally understand my point.

  • gwedem5995

    Didn’t all the polls say Hillary would beat Trump by a landslide. Well, how did that turn out. I really don’t believe it about her being the most admired person in 2017 as even the people who voted for her in my crowd, couldn’t stand her.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    This obese old drunk should just go away to Levenworth.

  • AFGus

    This kind of Poll debauchery is exactly why I never listen to or believe Polls. They are always conducted to come up with the desired outcome of the people conducting the Poll.

  • Big Ed

    I think polls like these is how we got where we are now. The poll says Hillary is the most admired woman in America, just as a recent poll said there was absolutely no way anyone but Hillary could become president. WHAT HAPPENED? If I had a dollar for every correct poll the left publishes, I would see if I could borrow a couple of dollars so I could buy myself a cup of coffee. They take a poll and they publish it as Gospel-then, when the outcome differs from the poll they act like criminal thugs and try to beat the hell out of everyone who voted without acknowledging their poll. Even children are smarter than this.

  • Patricia Gill

    Heaven help us if Hillary is the only woman that is admired in our country. I would vote to put her in prison!


    The poll also said obama was the top admired man for 10 years. He must be admired for his lying and ability to stay out of prison and away from the gallows.

    JFK put a man on the moon.

    obamie put a man in the ladies room.

  • Real American

    Hildebeast Clintard is the most ANNOYING person certainly.. Maybe they have dyslexic people running the poll?