Hillary Clinton tipster and now Fox News contributor Donna Brazille just broke ranks with the party she formerly chaired, arguing that President Trump has “nothing to do” with the recent spate of mass shootings. “The reason why is to point fingers and to play this so-called blame game. President Trump had nothing to do with the maniac, and I’m being gracious here, the maniac who shot up a Walmart store,” Brazile said during an appearance on “The Guy Benson Show.” Brazille added, “He had nothing to do with the person who shot up the bar in Dayton. This is unbecoming of the country. The President of United States should not be blamed for these individual killers.” Every once in a while the blind squirrel gets a nut.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

President Trump received support from former Democratic National Committee chairwoman and Fox News contributor Donna Brazile in the ongoing debate over whether his rhetoric is to blame for two mass shootings earlier this month.

During a Friday appearance on The Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio, Brazile claimed that Trump had “nothing to do” with the shootings when asked if she considered Trump to be a white supremacist.