While most people are calling for Democratic Senator Al Franken to resign due to recent allegations of groping and kissing a woman without her consent, feminists are calling for just the opposite.

Feminist writer, Kate Harding is sticking up for Franken, saying that she doesn’t think that Franken should resign over these allegations because he is a Democrat.

Harding claims that having Democratic sexual abusers resign would be harmful to feminists political goals.  She goes on to say that Democratic assaulters and harassers should be forgiven.

“[Harding] argues that there are probably other Democrats who have committed sexual misconduct, so ‘if we set this precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party’s solidarity with harassed and abused women, we’re only going to drain the swamp of people who, however flawed, still regularly vote to protect women’s rights and freedoms.'”

‘I’m betting that there will be more. And more after that,’ she writes. ‘And they won’t all come from states with Democratic governors and a deep bench of progressive replacements. Some will, if ousted, have their successors chosen by Republicans.’”

Harding also claims that condemning these Democrats will harm women in the future because there will be less “champion[s] for women’s rights.”

“If the short-term ‘right thing’ leads to long-term political catastrophe for American women, I think we need to reconsider our definition of the right thing,” she asserts. “Don’t just apologize and drop out of sight. Do penance. Live the values you campaigned on. Be a selfless champion for women’s rights.”

Harding claims that because this was a solitary incident, Franken should be excused and forgiven. However, should he be accused by multiple women, then she will ask for his resignation.