John Podesta, Clinton Campaign chair, and Judge Richard J. Leon, presiding Judge over the Fusion GPS case, are now known to be good friends, reported

“As reported by Jon Hall of Free Market Shooter, Leon comes up several times in the leaked Podesta emails,” reports

Podesta and Leon have a “good friendship” and have actually taught a class together at Georgetown University, ironically called “Congressional Investigations Seminar.”

“According to a March 18, 2016 Washingtonian piece documenting their two decades of friendship, Podesta and Leon have been teaching together since 1997. Podesta describes it as a ‘good friendship,’ and Leon is quoted as saying ‘John is every bit as too thin as I am too heavy. It’s kind of an Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.”

The friendship between Podesta and Leon creates a questionable conflict of interest in this case since Podesta is linked directly to Fusion GPS:

“Two days ago, The New York Times revealed how Podesta met with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson after the election to continue the research on President-elect Donald Trump,” reports

It’s also known that the Clinton Campaign funded the Russia dossier:

“Despite serving as Chairman of the Clinton campaign, Podesta has denied knowledge of the campaign’s role in funding the dossier,” reports

Judge Leon comes in after Judge Tanya Chutkan was unexpectedly booted off the case.

The case questions if the House Intelligence Committee can force Fusion GPS to reveal the journalists it has paid to push the Russian dossier to the general public.

This is just another way for the Democrats to ensure that they will not lose this case and will keep their questionable activities out of the public eye.

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  • Indiana Mike

    A Special Prosecutor can subpoena whatever they like. This will likely result in Top Democrats being indicted and convicted of various charges in time for the 2020 election. Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe and Weissmann are all FBI co-conspitators in Uranium One pay for play, quid pro quo and Bribery crimes. This encompasses the Steele dossier and unmasking as well.

  • dan690

    Judge should withdraw from the case or face disbarment.

  • buster

    When will the judges step up to the bat and bring back justice for ALL PEOPLE ;It seems like the ones with means. always pay for their wrong doings; Seems like the fat cats can get away with anything and every thing…

  • Timothy Thompson

    Under eight years of Obama he has planted more deep state employees throughout the government including filling judgeships with as far left of left activist judges. It’s no wonder we are seeing Democrats who by and large are not in any way shape strong throughout the US. They have lost more power governorships, lost seats in the house and senate throughout state governments and federal government. But they seem to control through the leftist media the propaganda machine, lying, cheating on facts anything that looks like somehow they are still in power. Amazing stuff when you think of it. the swamp is circling around the left, they hate Trump because he’s changing America back to a capitalist culture limiting regulations and in many cases dumping the Obama over regulated departments and they don’t like it. We need to change out the Ginsburg’s in the SCOTUS, allowing Trump to backfill the court with conservative jurists. That would be a good start in fixing our deep state problem. Congress also should take back power and impeach judges who legislate from the bench instead of interpreting law from the bench. Trump needs to give Sessions notice that unless he actively does his job to investigate the obvious Clinton criminal acts along with their money laundering Clinton Foundation he should expect to be fired.

  • Esau’s Message

    Judge Leon has a reputation as a good judge. He was appointed by George W Bush. Maybe we should give him a chance in this case.