Eric Holder, who is pondering a presidential run in 2020, is soliciting business from an unlikely source. Holder recently made a pitch to corporate CEO’s and Hollywood hot shots in an effort to sell “the benefits of anticipating problems before they become national news” in light of pressure from the #MeT00 movement which has publicly condemned sexual abusers.

Variety reports:

“Former attorney general Eric Holder pitched his investigative services to a roomful of Hollywood executives on Friday, urging them to get out in front of #MeToo allegations.

“Holder, now a partner at Covington & Burling, gave a presentation to about 50 corporate leaders at the firm’s Los Angeles office. The former attorney general oversaw the firm’s extensive investigation of sexual harassment claims at Uber last year, which led to the ouster of the CEO, and is now seeking to expand the investigations practice in Hollywood.”

The American Thinker has some thoughts on this predicament that Holder finds himself:

“This is weird stuff for a guy who claims a very active leadership spot in the Democratic Party, no matter how they spin it as “investigative” work. The Democratic Party is trying to make political hay from the #MeToo movement, claiming it’s all about President Trump. So picture it: Holder’s actually going out to all those potential new Weinsteins in Hollywood and shilling up business in the name of protecting them from their own behavior.

“It’s the way it’s always gone in the past when Democrats protected sexual predators, such as Weinstein. There’s always a Democrat around to defend them, as we witnessed in the case of Weinstein, at least until the issue gets too hot to handle.

“It ought to be a wake-up call to the #MeToo movement as to the real intentions of Democrats, given that the overwhelming majority of #MeToo’s accused culprits were Hollywood leftists and staunch Democratic Party donors.

“Did I say ‘donors’? Oh, wait – now the picture becomes clearer. Holder seems to want to protect Democratic Party donors from accusations that can ruin their careers – and dry up Democratic Party donations as such people are thrown out.”

But hey, once a lawyer, always a lawyer.