Ben Shapiro and Eric Holder

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was laying it down hard after former Attorney General Eric Holder threw some shade on President Trump. Holder has been extremely critical of the Trump Administration since Trump took office. He has even hinted at a possible presidential run himself and has sought to be a strong voice in the so-called ‘resistance.’

It all started when Holder tweeted, “Russian meddling in our elections is a clear and present danger. Fact. Unbelievably no one taking action to prevent harm. Whatever you think of possible Trump involvement all must demand that White House and Congress act to strengthen our electoral systems against the threat-NOW.”

That’s when Shapiro pounced and reminded Holder that if anyone deserves blame for Russian meddling, it’s the Obama Administration. Shapiro replied: “Whoever was president in 2016 sure blew it”


Twitter piled on after that:

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  • GrizzMann

    Whoever was president in 2016 sure blew it. That pretty well tells the whole story.

    • jlbs

      And that person in charge in 2016 blew a hell of a lot more than the 2016 election! We are, and will be, paying for decades to come!

  • dan690

    Holder should be in prison and hopefully his house of cards will start falling down.

    • His house of cards is made exclusively of “Jokers!!!”

    • supergun

      What he did in Fast & Fury surely does.

    • Front Sight

      Holder must be “part of the wall,” just like Jimmy Hoffa!

      • budabobnu


  • BuddyBoy53

    The tesl Russian election meddling got Islamobama “placed” in office twice. He was never elected. That is why the FBI and DOJ are hiding evidence.

  • supergun

    “Fast & Fury” will forever haunt holder. That was far far far worse than anything that our President has been falsely accused of.

  • CR

    This is ALL very humorous — He’s so concerned about Russian Meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election…..Where was his attention while Obama, the State Dept, HRC and Clinton Foundation were colluding and arranging the sale of Uranium One to the Russians???

  • Nuf Sed

    Holder should be in prison for his ILLEGAL and INEPT sting operation called “Fast & Furious. This debacle ended up delivering over 1,000 guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel and it is an ABSOLUTE FACT that one of these guns killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. When this was being investigated Eric Holder’s Bro – Barack Hussein Obama issued a Executive Order blocking the investigation and sealing all the information.

    I’m sure Brian Terry’s family appreciated this – NOT!