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Senator Elizabeth Warren is in some huge trouble. After claiming she has Cherokee ancestry, Warren is now facing Shiva Ayyaduri, a Bombay-born independent running against Warren for the Massachusetts seat.  Ayyadurai is running with the slogan “Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian.”

Ayyadurai sent Warren a DNA testing kit back in July.  The exchange exploded on social media.

“‘That’s the nightmare for Elizabeth Warren, because I can attack her from the left,” Mr. Ayyudurai said. “I can say, ‘Wait a minute, what do you know about the journey of a person of color? You know nothing. This is all theory to you. Because you did lie. You took advantage of affirmative action.””

Six years ago Warren won the Senate seat despite her “fake Indian” claims.  The issue is facing new light with Warren looking at re-election, and even a presidential primary.

President Trump lit the controversy once again after referring to Warren as “Pocahontas” during an Oval Office ceremony on behalf of the Navajo Code Talkers.  Warren responded by accusing Trump of using a “racial slur”

“’He thinks that somehow he’s going to shut me up with that, and it’s just not going to happen,’ Ms. Warren told CNN. ‘It didn’t work in the past; it’s not going to work in the future.'”

Despite the fallacious statement, Warren beat Senator Scott Brown by 8 percentage points.  Now, Warren is being challenged by the left and the right.

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah made his comments on the issue with his opening monologue by mocking Warren’s Cherokee claims as well as the recipe she submitted to the 1984 Cherokee cookbook.

“‘That would be like finding out I’m completely white, I have no African blood, and yet I wrote the book ‘Snacks for Blacks,’’ the comedian deadpanned.”

Although there is no proof that Warren received any special benefits from her claims, she has no evidence to back her claim, as reported by Politico.

“‘Elizabeth Warren might never live down the charge of falsely claiming Native American roots,’ PolitiFact said. ‘The controversy emerged during the Democrat’s successful Senate run in Massachusetts in 2012, and it continues to dog her.'”

Critics are saying that Warren only has herself to blame for failing to acknowledge that she misinterpreted herself.

“‘Elizabeth Warren needs to apologize and admit that she knowingly claimed an employment status she was not entitled to claim,’ said Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson. ‘Ignoring her own conduct, and pretending that those who criticize her are the problem, has worked so far for her in Massachusetts, but I don’t think it will work if Warren has presidential ambitions.'”

Jacobson created the website “Elizabeth Warren Wiki” in 2013.  The website documents that Warren has been referring to herself as American Indian while worked her way up at the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard law schools.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society had no proof that Warren had a Cherokee blood line.  Warren has been claiming that “being Native American has been part of my story I guess since the day I was born.”  Warren claims that her aunt Bea said that her father had high cheekbones, therefore she has Indian blood in her.

Death certificates indicate that both Warren’s mother and aunt were white, according to Cherokee Nation genealogist Twila Barnes.

Harvard officials have said that Warren’s ethnicity had no impact on their decision to hire her.  However, Peter wood claims that her Cherokee descent made her a more attractive candidate.

“‘Harvard, like almost all colleges and universities, hides the degree to which racial preferences play a role in hiring and admissions,’ Mr. Wood said. ‘I would be surprised if Harvard ever came forward to acknowledge that Sen. Warren’s purported ethnicity played a part in her appointment. So we are left with a conjecture, but a very plausible one.'”

Warren’s message that “the system is rigged against the average person” is completely ironic considering that Warren was later lauded as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color”.

“‘Warren tried to rig the system in her favor by claiming a minority status to which she was not entitled,’ Mr. Jacobson said. ‘I don’t think voters nationally will forgive that without a heartfelt and unconditional apology.'”

Mike McKenna, a Republican strategist, predicts that Warren will get a pass if she runs in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.  Warren even made light of the comments in a fundraising plea on Monday.

“‘You might have heard that Donald Trump likes to call me ‘Pocahontas.’ He does it on Twitter, at rallies, and even in official White House meetings,’ she said in an email as reported by the Boston Herald. ‘Let’s show Donald Trump that we’re sick of his racist slurs by getting to work to fight his agenda.'”

Ayyadurai is proving to be a strong candidate against Warren.  By running as an independent, he has to gather only 10,000 valid signatures to qualify for the general election ballot.

Ayyadurai is hosting a “DNA Dance Party” on Dec. 12 in honor of his birthday.  He even invited Warren.

“‘She’s got a major problem with me, I’m telling you, because I can expose her for what she is’ Mr. Ayyadurai said. ‘What Trump did is not racist.  She’s the racist. … She shoplifted some other group’s race identity, and then when she’s exposed on it, she calls other people racist.  And it’s a legitimate issue.'”

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  • GrizzMann

    It does appear that Warren’s ancestors were involved in the Trail of Tears. Yes, they herded the Cherokee Nation to he new home of the Red Man. Yes, Oklahoma means Red People.

    • donald540

      Looks like GrizzMann did NOT proof read the comment very good.
      I suspect the “Cherokee Nation to he new home” should have been “Cherokee Nation to (t)he new home” because it does NOT make much sense other wise.

      • GrizzMann

        You got that that right.

  • dan690

    Most of democrats backgrounds are based on lies.

  • and Obama’s true background…….?

  • pemaddin

    The only racial slur here is you claiming a status you have no right too and continue to spout.

  • SmithWinston6478

    It’s utterly ridiculous for lily-white loudmouth Pocahontas Warren to claim Cherokee ancestry without a valid DNA analysis. Put-up or shut-up, lady.

  • TommyD

    “‘Warren tried to rig the system in her favor by claiming a minority status to which she was not entitled,’

    Humm… Now why does that sound so familiar.. I just remember someone, who was that guy, more than likely claiming foreign status on his college admission’s , which were then hidden from inspection.. then denying the heck out of it..

    Who was that guy?

  • Richard Hunt

    It’s a common practice amongst Democrats … Anyone remember Hillary claiming to be ” JEWISH ” as she moved to New York and ran for office ? Well, She managed to pull it off, ( naturally with the help of the Democratic party )… ANYONE can make the claim, but then it’s up to everyone else to actually PROVE she’s lying … Look what’s happening with the complaints of ” SEXUAL ADVANCES ” 38 years ago … Talk is CHEAP, that is unless you have PROOF POSITIVE, like Senator Al Franken … There are PHOTO’S of him going after the COOKIE JAR !!! Now THAT’S referred to as PROOF !!! All with that smug, stupid smirk on his face as he’s doing it … Now I understand that he may NOT give up his Senate seat !!! Well, tell me another story, because this is an OLD Democratic story… They ALWAYS want the Republicans heads to roll, but it’s a different story with Democrats … And if it is Sooo important to get this information out, WHY the wait of 38 years ??? PLEEESE … Give me a break !!! I smell ” ELECTION SNAFU ” all over the place !!!