James Woods and Elizabeth Warren

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren has been a major proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens and an opponent to President Trump. She has often shot off her mouth in an attempt to score cheap political points, but this time she went too far for Hollywood legend James Woods.

It all started when Warren tweeted, “Dreamers aren’t bargaining chips. They aren’t pawns in @realDonaldTrump’s game. We made a promise. We said come out of the shadows & be fully woven into the fabric of America because that’s who you are. In America, we work hard & dream big & we must keep our promise to Dreamers.”

And that’s when Woods pounced, replying, “You’re so full of buffalo chips. You want these illegals to stay here and suckle on the welfare teat so you’ll have more Democrat voters. You scammed your way into Harvard and you want the same thing for this gang of pretenders. They aren’t “dreamers.” They’re scammers. Like you.”

After that Woods opined about the need to enforce immigration laws, saying, “Why in God’s name are we having to negotiate with our own government to obey the law? We have LAWS for legal immigration. Anyone who breaks those laws or enables another person to do so should be deported or imprisoned respectively. Why is this concept so damn difficult to grasp?”

He also warned that if President Trump goes through with granting amnesty via DACA, it will end him:

James Woods has become a powerful voice for conservatism. He has even accepted his career in Hollywood is over because of his political viewpoints, but does not care.