James Woods and Elizabeth Warren

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren has been a major proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens and an opponent to President Trump. She has often shot off her mouth in an attempt to score cheap political points, but this time she went too far for Hollywood legend James Woods.

It all started when Warren tweeted, “Dreamers aren’t bargaining chips. They aren’t pawns in @realDonaldTrump’s game. We made a promise. We said come out of the shadows & be fully woven into the fabric of America because that’s who you are. In America, we work hard & dream big & we must keep our promise to Dreamers.”

And that’s when Woods pounced, replying, “You’re so full of buffalo chips. You want these illegals to stay here and suckle on the welfare teat so you’ll have more Democrat voters. You scammed your way into Harvard and you want the same thing for this gang of pretenders. They aren’t “dreamers.” They’re scammers. Like you.”

After that Woods opined about the need to enforce immigration laws, saying, “Why in God’s name are we having to negotiate with our own government to obey the law? We have LAWS for legal immigration. Anyone who breaks those laws or enables another person to do so should be deported or imprisoned respectively. Why is this concept so damn difficult to grasp?”

He also warned that if President Trump goes through with granting amnesty via DACA, it will end him:

James Woods has become a powerful voice for conservatism. He has even accepted his career in Hollywood is over because of his political viewpoints, but does not care.

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  • Demoncrats

    Woods is right. Trump is toast if he caves on the wall and immigration enforcement. The damn Demoncrats and RINOs who want a deal on DACA are toast too. Many people are not going to vote for a Demoncrat or RINO. Look at Flake – he couldn’t get re-elected so he quit.

  • Marc E.

    As my D.I. told us: Now that’s balls!

  • donl

    Poke-a-Haunt-Us speaks with forking tongue, needs to disappear in TeePee.

    • neoconderson

      Mmm, squaw get busy, make-um papoose for chief!

  • Toni Macrie

    James Woods, please run for president!!!

  • dan690

    Do not reward the DACA criminals, send them home.

  • Jigsaw

    James is not one to hide what he knows to be the truth. Law needs to be enforced. That’s the way it’s written, that’s the way it should be enforced. I thank James for being there and having the bravado for telling it like it is. I know there are millions of people in this country that believe the same way. Trump needs to pay attention to the people that voted for him and send these DACA people packing and if they want citizenship, get in line like a person that’s law abiding. Thanks James!!

  • Paulus

    Now they RATs and the MSM are totally offended and screaming about “racism” based upon the alleged Trump statement about s–hole countries sending us more and more illegals. Actually, if he did say that, he was absolutely correct. As much as 73% of poor country illegals are on welfare and getting freebies galore for which we taxpayers pay. I do not expect Trump to go back on his promises made during the campaign and at the meeting with the RATS and assorted RINOS like that idiot Gramanesty.

    I agree with Woods, if there is no wall, no chain migration and no lottery- Trump is burned toast. Speaking of the use of profanities, no president ever reached the level of the use of such words as did LBJ. JFK, Truman and Clinton (all RATs), were also known for their public and private use of profanities and obscenities.

  • David McAllister

    You go James!

  • David McAllister

    We need James Woods in the Senate to represent AMERICAN citizens.

  • Mack

    How else do you get to 60 votes?

  • Big Ed

    I just read an article which stated that approval of DACA will turn four additional states blue. The states included Texas, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona. If the DACA is able to turn these four states blue, there is no chance for Republicans anytime in the next generation to win a presidential election. California is already in the clutches of illegals, so effectively we will have a country which is controlled by another country-Mexico. Some of these DACA people claim to love America, but if you buy that, I have a piece of ocean front land in Arizona I’ll sell you-cheap. Believe me, none of us would fare well in Mexico and neither will we do well here after it becomes Mexico north. We kicked Mexico’s ass a long time ago, we may have to do it again if we want a place to live.

    • mbnick

      The recently leaked Democrat DNC document clearly states that Democrats view illegal’s solely as votes and necessary for their survival. Of course the media quickly covered up that document. Dems intend to buy votes again with OUR money. They lied to Reagan and Bush and are trying it again. Remember in November.

  • tom2

    Deport the parents. Keep their families together. Deport the rest.

  • JimZimmerman
  • jagragg

    James Woods for Governor!

  • Spunky

    The sneaky democrats have been using the illegals as pawns for years

    • 194319441945

      And all minorities. 40% of our population has a negative net worth and the Democrats caused most of these failures by passing tax laws that encouraged corporations to invest overseas.

  • mbnick

    So why are Democrats against merit based migration? Well Black people would not be smart enough to qualify! Which Party is the racist?
    But then Democrats even think that Central American is all Black!
    Remember in November.

  • dan690

    Elizabeth Warren would make Bozo the Clown look like a genius.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Unfortunately, here is home for them. I still say the answer is to let them stay but NEVER EVER citizenship. But if Trump doesn’t get a wall the Republican party MUST unite and ROAST the Dimmocrats as the ones who wouldn’t compromise.

    • Amelia Rendo

      Their children should not be given citizenship either – no more birthright citizenship!

  • pemaddin

    Go James, correct as always. Actually the dreamers are Obama’s scam on America. What is did is unconstitutional and President Trump is reversing ALL of those Unconstitutional scams created by Obama.

  • Yoikes

    We need people like Mr. Woods in government to straighten out this damn mess. Trump started it, we need more people to carry it along!

  • Betty

    Love that James Woods He never fails to give it to the disparagers

  • Old Vet

    Get in line behind my stepson, who has done his papers and is waiting patiently. Why should you bums get to stay when he is stuck in Communist China. He will be a staunch conservative voter someday, so I guess he is toast by the Dems point of view.

  • navyvet1986

    We don’t need to be rich and famous to stand for our country; Woods is, and he’s doing great. What about us? Let’s bombard all social media with our own pro-American rhetoric. We are more than them! We needn’t be more quiet than them. We can make a lot more to silence their rage.