Donald Trump and a disabled woman.

Lat night Meryl Streep pushed the false narrative that Donald Trump once mocked a handicapped journalist for his disability. Although this has been debunked numerous times over, we thought we’d provide even more evidence.

What the media did not choose to show you was video of Serge Kovaleski. Notice how the media only showed and still shows photos of him. This was done for a reason. As it turns out, Kovaleski’s disability is a congenital condition called arthrogryposis. Arthrogryposis causes restricted movement in the joints but does not cause spasms or uncontrolled moving of the limbs like cerebral palsy does.To show the depths of the deceit, one CNN reporter explained, while displaying a still photo of him, that Kovaleski, “suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms.” Again, the implication is that Kovaleski can’t control his arms from moving. To the contrary, Kovaleski appears perfectly calm when giving interviews. Thus, if Trump truly wanted to mock Kovaleski’s disability, he would have had to stand perfectly still with a flexed right hand and not flail his arms.

Thus the true story is as follows: Donald Trump embarrassed the media by finding the 9/11 Washington Post article. The media found the reporter who tried to backtrack. Trump impersonated the reporter backtracking. Media points out the reporter is disabled, but only releases still photos of his flexed hand. Public assumes from Trump’s impersonation and being told by the media that he is mocking a disabled man that the reporter must not be able to control his arms and Trump is a dirtbag who hates the disabled. In reality muscle spasms or involuntary arm movements are not part of the reporter’s disability. Therefore Trump could not be mocking a disability that doesn’t exist.

Trump has been doing this impression, which is NOT of a handicapped person, since 2005:

In October 2015 he did it to make fun of a flustered bank president:

And he mocks a general with this same motion. And guess what, Sege Kovaleski, the reporter in question is NOT spastic. The media just wanted you to think he does:

Donald Trump even mocked Ted Cruz with this motion:

And Donna Brazile…

And here’s another great explanation:

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