Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley tweeted on Tuesday that he believes the Department of Justice needs to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama-era Uranium One Nuclear deal, reports The Daily Caller.

In a statement posted to Twitter Tuesday night, Grassley called on “whoever in DOJ is capable” of appointing a special counsel to do so, noting that “‘whoever’ means if [you] aren’t recused.”

Grassley’s astute call follows news reports of Russian bribery operations that were used to secure the deal.

The Senate Judiciary Committee previously launched a probe into the deal, which proved that Russia funneled millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and a Kremlin-linked bank paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 in speaking fees.

Hillary Clinton continues to deny these allegations about the deal, saying they have been “debunked repeatedly.”

Two House committee chairmen have already announced probes into the Uranium One deal and the Obama-era Department of Justice’s handling of the Clinton email investigation on Tuesday.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported on Tuesday that special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller, is going to examine the interactions between the Podesta group, a Democratic lobbying firm co-founded by Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, and Russian pay-to-play efforts in securing the Uranium One deal.

Also, David Bossie writes in the Hill that a special counsel needs to happen now:

“The questionable actions of the Obama Justice Department and FBI peaked in June 2016, when a secret and highly inappropriate meeting between Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton was exposed on the eve of FBI Director James Comey’s unorthodox announcement that Secretary Clinton would not be prosecuted in the case involving her private email server. It’s been revealed since then that Comey had actually written a draft memo clearing Hillary Clinton before her FBI interview took place.

“Citizens United called on Lynch to appoint a special counsel in the Clinton email case and related matters in July 2015. We questioned how Lynch, a former appointee of President Clinton, could run an impartial investigation of the former president’s spouse who was on her way to being the Democrat nominee for president at the time. When the tarmac meeting between the two became public, our suspicions were confirmed. Now with the new allegations surrounding Russian corruption and the Uranium One deal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions must finally appoint an impartial special counsel to thoroughly investigate these matters.”

With talk growing about a special counsel being appointed to investigate the Clintons, you know they are preparing for any eventuality. They have always had their ear to the ground on potentially damaging attacks on them. This is no different. They probably already have a strategy in place to fend off an investigation. But if these allegations prove to be true then there will be little they can do to stop things. Let’s hope this time though justice will be served.

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