Dick Durbin

Whenever a mass shooting takes place in the United States, Democrats are quick to politicize the tragedy and use it to push for gun control. They say tough gun laws would have stopped the massacre and claims the NRA and Republicans have blood on their hands. But when it comes to Chicago gun violence, that’s a different story.

Chicago has become the gun murder capital of the United States. And they have the most stringent gun control laws in the country. The left hates to acknowledge this because it proves that everything they stand for when it comes to gun control is just a complete lie. Criminals don’t follow laws and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens makes crime worse. This is a fact.

So it was quite a scene the other day when Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) blamed the violence in Chicago was the fault of neighboring state, Indiana.


The Washington Times reports:

“’We’re next to Indiana and if you got to a gun show in Indiana, you can purchase a gun without a background check. And so that’s what’s happening,’ Mr. Durbin, a Democrat, said on MSNBC. ‘The drug gangs and these thugs are filling up the trunks of their car and heading into the neighborhoods of Chicago. And we see these gun violence crimes happening every single day.’

“Mr. Durbin said that nearly 600 people have died in Chicago due to gun-related deaths so far this year. He said that he wants to close the gun-show loophole and put in additional restrictions for ‘straw purchasers,’ such as a convicted felon having his girlfriend or mother buying a firearm for him.”

Gun-related homicides in Chicago have only gotten worse over the years:

“Chicago witnessed nearly 4,400 shooting victims in 2016, with nearly 3,800 by this time last year. There have been ‘nearly 3,200 people … shot so far in 2017 … compared to 2,609 at this time in 2015, 2,208 in 2014, 1,923 in 2013 and 2,162 in 2012.'”

Chicago has been under more scrutiny lately because President Trump made a comment about their homicide rate the other day:

“‘The city with the strongest gun laws in our nation is Chicago — and Chicago is a disaster. It’s a total disaster. Just remember, if this man didn’t have a gun or rifle, you’d be talking about a much worse situation in the great state of Texas,’ the president said.”

And Chicago has been taking it personally. Just take a look at a passage from a recent op-ed in the Chicago Tribune:

“That isn’t leadership. It’s deception, evasion and cowardice. It’s fiction, and it’s an insult to this great city, which struggles daily with gun violence and needs sensible and compassionate help from the man who so boldly claimed he knows a Chicago cop who can fix everything.”

A little touchy, aren’t we, Chicago? But hey, truth hurts.