President Trump will reportedly establish a “National Vetting Center” to improve scrutiny and screening of travelers and immigrants entering the U.S., reports The Washington Times.

Citing “two administration officials,” CNN reported that Trump will sign a national security memorandum Tuesday that orders several government agencies to get the Center up and running within six months.

While the memorandum does not fund the Center or give it any new legal power, CNN reported, it seeks to streamline the vetting process and improve communication and information-sharing among federal agencies.

The departments involved include Homeland Security, State, Justice and some intelligence agencies, CNN reported.

It is still unclear how this new center will change the way travelers and immigrants to the U.S. are vetted and how the entering of the U.S. will be for everyone.

According to a “National Security Council official” who spoke to CNN, the Center will focus most on visa applicants, with a secondary emphasis on vetting people already in the U.S. but subject to deportation proceedings.

The vetting center will be overseen by a board of governors that will likely include Cabinet members, the official said.

Trump’s order has already created anticipation for concern from civil liberties groups, so the memorandum also established a standing privacy and civil liberties panel that will oversee the center’s activities so to avoid any abuse of civil liberties.

This center is just another step in President Trump’s broader efforts to tighten immigration screenings and is a follow up to Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” during his presidential campaign.

This kind of center perfectly falls in line with Trump’s continued promise of a tougher stance on immigration and border security than the previous administration had ever done.

This kind of center is exactly what America needs in order to properly vet the kind of people coming into the country from various parts of the world and making sure that American citizens aren’t subjugated to another attack from foreign operatives.

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  • mbnick

    STILL waiting for Democrats to tell us why they oppose MERIT based immigration, but support chain migration and no border protection.

  • John T Koszalka

    WE finally have a President that is willing to have a system to enable people to properly enter the country. Great Idea.
    God Bless President Trump. MAGA

  • reagangs

    This is sorta like what the US had back in the early 1900s to support Ellis Island vet and screen incoming immigrant non citizens. It worked great as some non citizen had to have a sponsor help pay for their application and house them.
    Today, the democrats need to personally sponsor, house and pay for their vetting and medical exams. Let them live in the elite bubbles of the DC privileged. The cows have entered the barn and the chickens are roosting.

  • Joe M

    TSA was created on 11/19/2001. That was a little over 2 months after the9/11 attack. Why will it take 6 months to create this new National Vetting Center?

    • mikey2046

      Are you really impressed with the professionalism of the TSA? Perhaps the Trump administration believes in properly planning for a new endeavor before implementing it.

      • Joe M

        Mickey, good point. But when has the government implemented anything with proper planning. How about health care? No, it was a failure.

      • Sue

        Done unde O’buckwheat.

    • Sue

      Yep, TSA confiscate a bottle of conditioner bigger than 4oz and a sealed can of beer. Have a nice day schmoe.

  • nimbii

    Only problem is will Obama sympathizers be staffing it?

  • higgy01

    What a novel idea, to vet incoming visitors and migrants. That, along with merit based immigration might even help our country instead of allowing all the parasites (DACA) and terrorists in carte blanche.