On Monday, Rep. Ron DeSantis said that Congress is cracking down on individuals not complying with requests related to the Trump-Russia investigation.  Congress is preparing to “hold members of the FBI and Justice Department in contempt for not complying with requests related to the Trump-Russia investigation.” 

“‘Devin Nunes has been trying to get this information from DOJ and the FBI for months and they’ve stonewalled every step of the way,’ Mr. DeSantis, Florida Republican, said on Fox News.'”

Nunes of California, has been investigating the relationship between Robert Mueller and President Trump and whether or not there was collusion involved with the Russians.  Nunes pointed to Peter Strzok, a top FBI official who was also removed from the case last summer.  It was later found that Strzok had exchanged anti-Trump messages in emails to his mistress, who was also an FBI lawyer.

“‘The special counsel was not upfront about this. This happened months ago and just now this news is finally hitting,’ Mr. DeSantis said”

Strzok was also investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails during the presidential campaign.  Clinton was caught using a private server and personal device for State Department emails.

President Trump tweeted his response saying that Strzok was “tainted” but the investigation into Clinton’s emails “started to make sense.”

Members of Congress can not just threaten to hold other officials in contempt, but need to actually follow through on the consequences of these people’s actions in order to get the information needed.

“‘They’ve shown a pattern of the last year saying we will comply and then the compliance isn’t quite 100 percent. It’s maybe half. We need to make sure we get all the information,’ Mr. DeSantis said.”