CNN Host Of “United Shades of America” W. Kamau Bell was recently spotted supporting and inciting hatred at an ANTIFA rally in Berkeley, California.

The “No Hate in the Bay’ protest was in response to the conservative “Patriot Prayer Rally” that was canceled out of concerns ANTIFA would assault attendees.

Apparently, CNN thinks this type of behavior is perfectly acceptable. Tucker Carlson took them to task over their lack of response:

“Tucker Carlson recounted how CNN commentator W. Kamau Bell – who hosts “The United Shades of America” – spoke at Antifa’s “No Hate in the Bay” rally in California.

“He said that Bell willingly and earnestly partook in the raucous protest.

“‘They hate this country. They want to tear it down. They are totalitarian in their beliefs and in their aims,’ Carlson said.

“Bell called Patriot Prayer rallygoers “Nazis” and cheered their departure as the Antifa demonstrators overran the other collective.

“Carlson said Bell was content in labeling his enemies Nazis and that he willfully incited rage with his rhetoric.”

CNN might not care, but do you? Should Bell be fired?


Should CNN Host W. Kamau Bell Be Fired For Inciting Hatred At An ANTIFA Rally?

Not Sure

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