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The hits keep coming against creepy journalist and TV personalities who abuse women. And now, it’s Chris Matthews’ turn. The always angry MSNBC host was rocked by allegations that a former employee was paid $40,000 to settle a sexual harassment case against him.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

“The woman complained to CNBC executives about Matthews making inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others.

“The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand. Based on people who were involved in the matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not intended to be taken as propositions.

“The woman received separation-related compensation when she left MSNBC and has gone on to work in a number of high-profile media positions. MSNBC declined to comment on whether the employee left because of Matthews or whether this was the only claim in Matthews’ history at the company.”

Usually, where there is smoke there’s fire. So it’s probably that this is a pattern of behavior.

But on the other hand, everyone is entitled to due process. Some argue that people accused of such things are being unfairly punished before they get a chance to defend themselves.

So many people are being fired or forced to resign over sexual harassment claims. Should Chris Matthews be fired? What do you think?


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  • Barry McMiles

    Think that he should be afforded the same as we expect for all Americans. Innocent until proven guilty. WE should not lower ourselves to liberal standards where an accusation is enough to ruin someone!

    • GrizzMann

      Payoff’s settle accusations and keep them off the front page, at least for a while.

    • dennis w


      • BuddyBoy53

        Because he’s a liberal?

  • GrizzMann

    You know that Chris is a Democrat? These are resume enhancements.

  • Esau’s Message

    They should have fired this bum years ago.

  • The real point is that these journalists and congressmen were all over Trump in regards to the Access Hollywood tape and the alleged accusations of sexual harassment by a group of women. Most of the harassment was unproven and some were debunked, but that didn’t stop the onslaught. One would think if someone had skeletons in his closet that he would lay low when these accusations were made, but these people attacked Trump cloaked in the “holier than thou” disguise. Shame on them. As Jesus once said “Let thou who is free from sin cast the first stone”. They are quickly finding out what the consequences of doing so are. “You reap what you sew”.

  • BuddyBoy53

    He should have been fired long ago for being a lying, sociopathic, communistic, propagandic fraud.

  • domar1938

    Nah, let him continue to spew his garbage. He is accomplishing more for the opposition by his unwieldy statements of prevarication.