Transgender inmate

Male prisons in California may soon be allowed to provide feminine products for transgender inmates. A lawsuit against the state by a murderer serving a life sentence may force these rule changes. The inmate behind the suit was the first criminal in the state to be given a taxpayer-funded sex change operation.

Under the proposed rule changes, men’s prisons may get access to mascara, lip gloss, and bras. Female prisons may get aftershave and boxers. All of it would be paid for by the taxpayer.

“Transgender female inmates housed in men’s facilities could have feminine undergarments, lip gloss and mascara, for instance, while transgender male inmates in women’s prisons could wear aftershave and boxers,” according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit stemmed from an inmate named Shiloh Heavenly Quine, who was born Rodney James Quine. He was moved to an all-women’s prison after his sex change operation. But he wasn’t happy with just that:

Quine is now protesting that the prison has not provided a razor, prompting the state to decide to add toiletries and other cosmetics to transgender inmates.

“Quine said the resulting beard and mustache were making the transition to life as a woman more difficult, while she also was being denied her television and enough privacy to perform required intimate post-operative procedures,” the Associated Press reported.