Many people saw Doug Jones’ win in Alabama as a swing for voters back the left, threatening the Republicans in Congress and ultimately President Trump’s chances at re-election in 2020. However, our allies across the Atlantic seem to think otherwise.

Senior diplomats in the United Kingdom have made it clear that they think President Trump is the most likely to be elected in 2020. According to The Telegraph, a reputable British news source, the problem with the Democratic candidates is two-fold; they are either “too old”, or “lacking in the name recognition needed to defeat Mr. Trump.”

The “too old” candidates the diplomats seem to be referencing are possible candidates like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. And it seems that the only two that may have the name recognition are the former Vice-President and the Senator from Vermont. The only other possible candidate that has the name recognition is Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.), however, the Washington Post places her odds at running low, especially if Sanders runs again.

The Telegraph also notes that President Trump has seemed to relax on some of the more radical policies that got him elected. He seems to have pulled back on threatening to ignore NATO agreements. This is coupled with his President Trump’s recent move to allow military weapons to go to Ukraine to help repel the Russian insurgency into Crimea and eastern Ukraine that began in 2014.

President Trump has also relaxed on his plan to completely pull out of Afghanistan. Instead he has revised the US’ mission to help better combat the Taliban in the country. This builds of Trump’s existing successful strategy that has reduced ISIS territory by 98% since he took office.

This means that the Prime Minister Theresa May and the Royal Family will have to work hard to build a friendly relationship with the Trump Administration but it will be around for seven more years.