Former Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown has officially been sentenced to 5 years in federal prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release.

Brown was convicted on 18 counts for stealing from the charity One Door for Education, as well as filing false tax returns and more.  Judge Timothy Corrigan has also sentenced two other accomplices who pleaded guilty and testified against Brown.  Brown’s attorney was calling for probation instead of jail time in consideration of her health, public service, and age. 

“’I ask that you take into consideration all that I’ve done in my life and I’ve come to ask for mercy and compassion,’ Brown told the judge during her Nov. 16 sentencing hearing.”

The US Attorney’s Office accused Brown of perjury.  This would increase her sentence.

Brown, with her daughter, Shantrel Brown, and Ronnie Simmons, Brown’s former chief of staff, entered the courthouse on 9:30 am on Monday, Dec. 4.

Accomplice Carla Wiley was sentenced to only 21 months in prison, along with a 3 year supervised release.  Simmons was sentenced to 48 months in jail for conspiracy to commit mail/wire fraud and theft of government funds.

The FBI’s Special Agent in Charge Charles P. Spencer released a statement following Brown’s sentencing. 

“It is incredibly disappointing that an elected official, who took an oath year after year to serve others, would exploit the needs of children and abuse the charitable hearts of constituents to advance her own personal and political agendas, and deliver them with virtually nothing.  I am proud of the exceptional work of the special agents, analysts and support personnel who spent countless hours following the money trail in this case.  Their work is some of the most complex, tedious, and significant work we do for the American public.  It is an exceptionally difficult task, but rooting out public corruption is a priority for which the FBI will continue to dedicate the resources necessary to investigate, because the impact on everyday people is real.  We thank our law enforcement partners at the IRS-CI and U.S. Attorney’s Office for their efforts to hold Brown and her associates accountable for their inexcusable actions.”

This only goes to show that no person is exempt from the law.

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  • David Silbernagel

    I can hardly believe that one of the Democrats actually got jail time! There may be some hope yet! Now if only Hillary and others could get the same for their crimes !!

  • Sue

    One down and many more to go. She should be made to pay restitution in full with interest as the icing on the cake.

  • ToadStoolManor1

    The judge was very lenient I believe. She deserved more jail time. She was an embarrassment to North Florida as a Representative. Most people I talked to just laughed and said she was a joke before all this fiasco occurred. Caught with her hands in the cookie jay and said, “that wasn’t me! I was too senile to know what was happening!”

  • MSM=FictionalNews

    A low-down lying thieving POS who steals from children under the guise of running a charity, let me guess…a Democrat, eh? One question, why is it OK for the WHITE lady named Hillary to do the very same thing and NOT go to jail? Besides being thieving liars, it seems the historical Party of Pro-Slavery is still RACIST! If we had REAL Justice in America, Corrine would have Hillary as a cell mate!

    • gobrien

      The hypocrite Dems are willing to sacrifice old, black people. They’re only calling for Franken to step down because of the pressure put on them from the ACLU. Gillibrand (NY) is a fraud and opportunist. Through the years she offered nothing but praise for Bill Clinton — even as late as the Dem Convention. She was so proud of her association with him, she posted her picture (big smiles) with Bill at the Convention with their arms around one another. Suddenly — what he did is bad. Dem voters must be REALLY stupid if they don’t see that and instead believe her.

      • Gnowark

        My junior-scumher-clone Gillibrand was the hitlery-hand-picked successor when hrc went to State Dept. Obviously, hrc wanted to pick someone just like her as senator… and she did… and metro dems are very happy with her… and her upstate ‘roots’ see things rotting on the vine.

  • Morgan23

    A Democrat…………………… what else is new I suppose she considers it ”reparations” and therefore OK.

  • k9maiden

    FINALLY:!!! A Democrat held accountable for her crimes! Maybe there is hope after all that Killary will get her “just dues”!

    • Gnowark

      HaHaHa, good one K9maiden. I suppose her boy bill, too? While we’re at it, let’s throw in barack also, I’m sure you realize a ‘low-level dem’ doesn’t have anything to do with clintons.