Former New York City Mayor and lawyer for President Trump Rudy Giuliani revealed that he believes there are current members of Robert Mueller’s special investigation who have sent anti-Trump texts. If discovered this could demolish the entire investigation. After texts between disgraced FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page caused a firestorm, you can only imagine if a similar scandal explodes.

Giuliani appeared on Fox News and said “…they have to come to grips with the fact that they are investigating an innocent man… I see Mueller as a guy surrounded by people he shouldn’t have picked.” He said the Special Counsel was made up of “partisan, over-the-top Hillary Democrats” and that he was willing to bet a dinner that two or three of them sent “horrible” anti-Trump text messages.”

He also indicated that no deal has been made for President Trump to sit down with Robert Mueller. Giuliani said, “They haven’t come up with a scintilla of evidence; no facts, that the President had anything to do with the Russians.”