There have been a lot of bad presidents. But there is a legitimate debate on whether Barack Obama is the worst president in modern times. And for good reason.

The polls seem to indicate that Americans are divided over the question:

“America’s first vote on President Barack Obama’s place in history teeters on the edge as some find him a great president – but plenty find him among the worst, a new McClatchy-Marist poll finds.

“As Obama heads toward the exit, almost the exact same number of Americans put him at the top as put him at the bottom: 16 percent said he’ll be remembered as one of the nation’s best presidents; 17 percent called him among the worst chief executives ever.

“The rest are in the middle, with 24 percent calling him above average, 28 percent calling him average and 14 percent saying he was below average.”

And from an economic growth perspective, Obama was one of the worst presidents ever:

“Based on economic growth during presidential terms minus the respective growth in federal debt during their terms, the short answer is, Obama probably is the worst President (economically), at least since WWII. No one else is even close to the debt Obama (& Congress) has created…+$1.8 trillion in just the last 13 months.

“Even worse, when gauging the growth in marketable Treasury debt which now sits at $14.4 trillion.

– 1776–>2007 +$5 trillion (35% of current total)
– 2008–>2016 +$9.4 trillion (65% of current total created in the last nine years).
-The Obama administration and Congress during his 2 terms are presently responsible for creating 56% of all US marketable debt, and will likely be 57%+ by Trump’s inauguration (chart at bottom of article).

So what do you think?


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  • deusexmachina1

    If anything, he was our first dicktaster….

  • Sue

    Hands down the worst. The LGBT love him. The can now use the public bathroom of their choice. The led by the nose population that do no research beyond what the status quo media tell them love him. They need no facts. They rest of us make up our own minds to like him or not. I have no numbers I mearly observe and listen.

    • Paul Burton

      Your LGBT comment does give B.O. a M.O. regarding Michelle’s being a Michael.

  • 4low2go

    Obozo. the great divider…………

  • donl

    Obie the Commie was out to bring this country Down, No doubt about it.

  • Patron 26

    I hope that they get all the details on Obama and his girl pal, Hillary. Maybe the people who just whined about Pres Trump, might realize that Obama and his Pals may be put away.

  • Big Ed

    I always thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president we ever had, but Barack took over and made Jimmy look like a super hero. Bad Barack is #1 and Jimmy is a solid #2.

  • Spunky

    Yup – Obama is the worse – and Jimmy Cater is so happy he does not have that title any longer – Congrads Obama on your new title

  • dan690

    There is no question that Obama is the worst and most corrupt president in history.

  • jackw97224

    As rotten as obumma is, Lincoln, Wilson and FDR were worse as they provoked wars of slaughter. Almost all if not all presidents and legislators and judges are “statists” who believe in using violence to impose their beliefs.

    • supergun

      LINCOLN was the greatest President ever. You have no clue what you are mumbling about.

      • jackw97224

        @supergun, Rubbish! He got nearly a million men slaughtered and maimed. He initiated the income tax and he didn’t follow the very first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Southern states had every right to go their separate ways. Political government is violence. What factual evidence do you have that the constitution and law apply to you just because you are physically present in some state? Fact is there isn’t any and never was. Lincoln was told he had no authority to use violence to prevent peaceful withdrawal from the union. Winfield Scott listed 4 options for Lincoln and the 4th and best was: Wayward sisters, depart in peace. Oh, and read the ratification documents for Virginia, Rhode Island and New York; they clearly stated they reserved their options to depart if the central government exhibited crookedness.

      • supergun

        I live in the Middle of the South. I am a rebel to the core. President LINCOLN saved this Nation, as tragic as the War was to this Country. But many others were to blame for the War and the Killings. I will always believe Lincoln was the Greatest President ever.

      • jackw97224

        @supergun, Of course you are within your freedom to choose, but Lincoln will never define “great” in my view and in fact he will always mirror scoundrel and liar and deceiver and immorality. In short, because he violated the constitution to which he swore his support, he was duplicitous.

      • supergun


      • jackw97224

        @supergun, No facts, just opinion wins no debate. You would have been dismissed from an average HS debate class.

      • supergun

        You sound like an extreme liberal.

      • jackw97224

        Ignorant and illogical. Read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority. Visit the No State Project by Marc Steven on YouTube. Visit the Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka. Read Away from Freedom by Vervon Orval Watts and when you have got that assignment completed, get back to me and explain how you have got your head screwed on right.

      • supergun

        Yelp. I thought you were an extreme liberal. Much of nothing and nothing at all.

      • jackw97224

        Have you spent any time on the material?

      • supergun

        Read many books on this Great American Hero. Even visited the Lincoln Memorial. You have allowed a few heathens in your life poison your mind like they have done to many of our children. You have nothing but hate to comment about, and I don’t have time to listen to your bull chit.

      • jackw97224

        How many did AH, Stalin, Mao Idi Amin, Hussein, Khadafy murder? Lincoln was in this class and you have drunk the “kookaid” to be in denial of the historical truths. Nearly a million killed and properties destroyed and money wasted and yet you cling to the fallacy that Lincoln was “great.” How ignorant and intellectually dishonest.

      • supergun

        The Civil War would have happened no matter who was President. It is frightening to know that people like you think like this. This is the stuff of fallen nations. You are probably pro abortion which is baby murdering, anti-God, draws welfare, never has worked, voted democrat liberal all your life, and think the police are bad people.

      • jackw97224

        @supergun, and you are wrong and you don’t know what might have happened. There was ample opportunity to avoid the Civil War and hundreds of thousands of people would have lived. Your attempts to label me with your lies is of no fruit and only condemns you before the readers.

      • supergun

        It appears that you think you lived during that time and you could have solved all the problems that caused the civil war. You live in a “make believe” world. You don’t even know the real reason why the civil war started. Where do you people come from. Unbelievable. If that is the only problem you got, then you got it focking made.

      • jackw97224

        Nope! I follow reason/logic. As you might know, the first casualty of war is the truth and the first casualty of emotion is reason. It is obvious to the readers that you have bit hard on the emotions and thus have cast reason to the wind. You seem not to recognize that the colonists kick the English out because they violated their freedom to choose. They would not have turned ’round and empowered a central government to do to any one of them what the English had done. To think the colonist said that they would be enslaved to a central government is ludicrous. To think that getting a million people killed and maimed is a mark of “greatness” is utter nonsense. If you were educated in government schools, then it is well past time to wake up and discard the indoctrinations, propaganda and brainwashing as you only embarrass yourself before the readers.

      • supergun

        One of the biggest reasons why the South wanted to leave the Union was, the North controlled everything that the South grew and made in a nutshell without explaining in detail because you don’t have the capability to understand. Slavery was an issue, but at the bottom of the totem pole. President Lincoln took care of that particular issue, fought viciously by the democrats.

      • jackw97224

        As I said, politics is violence and there is no way to justify it. To say that Lincoln was good when he had the advice to just not use violence is ludicrous. The first casualty of emotions is reason. You have failed to justify the use of violence and the eventual slaughter of nearly a million Americans. You are discrediting yourself with this persistence to evade the truth.

      • supergun

        No, you have failed to stay connected to reality. Your reasoning is similar to someone who has been stopped by the police. The police are professional, but you would resist and cause trouble. Then you would proceed to tell them everything you have told me. Then you would get violent without cause until they hurt you. Then you would belly ache, moan, and groan how the police brutalized you and was unfair to you. Then you would proclaim the police trash. At the football game, you would kneel and say that America was unfair to you. That you deserve better than this. No one is listening or agreeing with your bullchit, so go somewhere else with it.

      • jackw97224

        You are a LIAR! You state that of which you have no factual evidence. You have lost the discussion because you leap to ad hominem attacks of with no validity. You embarrass yourself and then your potty mouth completely discredits you.

      • supergun

        Sorry that I hurt your feeling, but the TRUTH is harsh sometimes. You are beginning to sound like that antifa group. We all know your kind. You are a danger to your self and to society. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.

      • jackw97224

        Heh, heh, heh…once again you expose yourself as a LIAR before the audience. You have no factual evidence. You are just plain wrong and spewing your hate speech only condemns you. Out of their mouths ye shall know them. Sticks and stones might break my bones but your words cannot harm me and only serve to discredit you. You have no clue as to who I am except that I have made it clear that I am opposed to “statism” and that Lincoln was a “statist” and therefore, IMHO, a criminal. Oh, and you cannot refute the fact that Lincoln was a provocateur and thereby responsible for the carnage of the war, the mass slaughter, the destruction of property and the waste of prodigious funds that otherwise could have been applied to improving the quality of life. You lost this debate long ago and the readers can see it.

  • reagangs

    No doubt about it, Obozo is up there among the top of the list of failed presidents wrt trying to destroy the US of A from the inside out with his socialist agenda. His Caucasian mother and her family were hard core commies as was some of their friends, much like Frank Marshall Davis. Even his step father, Lolo Soetoro was an Indonesian commie. When they all abandoned Barry Soetoro, they sent him too live with the Chicago commie family of Bill Ayers (of the Weather Underground infamy). He studied ‘community organizing’ with old socialist and union thug Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. So, was BHO a commie ??? You can definitely say “YES”. He and his minions, those that just loved Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Castro, Che, …, were very vocal. And, you can bet he is in old socialist Georgie Soros’ pockets and begging for a place in the NWO/OWO.

  • Babsan

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is without a doubt the worst and most CRIMINAL of all Presidents

  • higgy01

    Barry Soetoro of Kenya also known as Barak Hussein Obama is not only the worst president in modern days but ever. We still don’t know where he was born nor if he is really a citizen. His birth certificate that was shown was a phony and his SSN came from Connecticut the state he had never even visited.

    • Seb

      Why can’t we ge to the Truth on this !

  • d missouri

    there is no doubt about it Obama was the worst president this country ever had, and problably ever will have. he is a traitor to the country and to our culture

  • Luis D. Rey

    You couldn’t have said it any better.
    This 2 or 3/5 of a man, Ovomit, an ugly mulatto ought to be prosecuted for all the damage that he inflicted to our great country, not his country, but in particular because of the unbelievable damage that he did against the Military establishment, etc.,
    I love our President Trump as well as our A. General Jeff Sessions, both have to bring charges to this Malevolent Devil, a.k.a. The Son of Perdition.

  • Paul

    Hands down the worst with Bush trailing by a close second place.
    The one question that needs to be reconciled is the lack of public records.Lack of college transcripts? These and many other questions need answered.

  • GrizzMann

    The best Black President we have ever had. #1.

  • dan690

    I don’t know why they keep asking. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that Obama is the worst president of all time.

  • VanceJ

    He was the worst in the history of this nation.!!!!!

  • reagangs

    “The worst POTUSA” is his ‘legacy’. We are fortunate to have DJT. MAGA. US Citizens First. Build the damn wall. TRUMP 2020.

  • supergun

    Even with SUPERMAN President TRUMP in charge now: we may never recover from the destruction of the obama regime.

  • EdJohnson777

    My Fellow Americans…Our Nation seemingly has insurmountable problems…

    But God has told us:
    “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

    He also has said that ,
    “The earnest prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16).

    God is The Only Solution to all our troubles, and He wants to solve them for us.
    And Only He can!!

    Please pray as God has asked us all to pray…and He promises us that He will Heal Our Land.

    Blessings to you and your family, and God Bless America!!

    Former Assistant US Attorney
    Licensed Texas Attorney since 1971
    Former Lawyer for three US Presidents

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    That depends. If by “modern” you mean, “after the solar system formed”, I’d have to say yes.

  • Roe Santoro
    Lets see, Obama came into Office, ISIS was born. In 8 years ISIS grew and took over most of two countries. Trump took offices and 10 months later ISIS is out of land and money. Hmmm, makes you wonder doesn’t it.