According to a report from the National Pulse, American colleges are planning on segregating their classrooms in order to fight racial inequality on college campuses.  Maybe someone should tell them that this was already attempted in schools and it was called Jim Crow laws.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) is awarding grants to 10 schools to have segregated dinners based off of certain racial issues.

Brown University is one of these schools, and will receive $30,000 to use over the next three years to “tackle racial issues and work toward racial healing.”  The AAC&U is in partnership with the left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Newman’s Own Foundation.

The Ivy League school will begin offering two segregated dinner discussion groups, one for black students and one for Muslim women.

According to AAC&U’s websiter, the grant must be used too:

  • create a positive narrative about race in the community
  • promote racial healing activities on campus and in the community
  • erase structural barriers to equal treatment and opportunity within the economic, legal, educational, and residential components of the community

Of course the organization nor the school like to say it is segregation, and instead like to cover it up by saying it is “racial reconciliation.”

This is just one in a long line of other examples that liberal colleges and universities have been implementing in order to reconcile “racial reconciliation, as laid out by the National Pulse:

“Last September, California State University Los Angeles introduced its segregated housing initiative to offer a “housing space delegated for Black students.”

In February, students at the University of Michigan demanded a permanent no-whites-allowed space in the center of campus for black students and other students of color only.

In May, The American University in Washington, D.C., gave persons of color an extension on their final exams following an alleged racially motivated vandalism incident.

Also in May, Harvard University made the news for holding its first ever blacks-only graduation ceremony.

In June, Evergreen College in Washington state was forced to shut down its campus multiple times due to safety concerns stemming from student activists ordering all whites off campus for a ‘Day of Absence.'”

There is something that all of these events do share though, and that is “No whites allowed.”  While these events may not seem as bad as acts of segregation in the past, it would be remiss to not notice similarities to what is happening on college campuses today and examples from the past.

It seems ironic that a place that claims to support diversity is purposely excluding a very specific group from the conversation in order to reconcile race relations.

Any act of segregation should not be allowed in current day classrooms, whether they be on a liberal college campus or not.  Segregation is counterproductive to the goal of unity and if allowed to continue, they will on further disunity in America.

BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.

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  • heynorm48

    Progressives are now regressives.

  • mbnick

    And Dems claim it is Trump who is dividing the USA? Looks FAR more like it is the Obama holdouts.

  • mikey2046

    Since 1962 I fought for integration, equal treatment regardless of race, and equal pay for women. Looks like I (and Dr. King) were wrong. Segregation is preferable. The illegitimacy rate for black families when I was born, when the military was still segregated, Jim Crow reigned in the South and discrimination and red-lining was rampant in the North, was less than for whites. What happened in the intervening years?

    • Darryl Curtis

      When activists of any kind begin their campaign, the first thing they do is to build an infrastructure to receive donations from those that believe in their cause. If the activist campaign remains active long enough, the infrastructure becomes entrenched, and the people that benefit from the infrastructure need to keep the activism going in order to keep their benefits.

      This being said, the “civil rights” infrastructure will NEVER be satisfied with gestures of good will, no matter what whites do, because if they ever allow it to be thought that relations between blacks and whites have normalized, they lose their jobs.

      So it doesn’t matter what whites do…or don’t do…now, agendized blacks want segregation…the next generation of agendized blacks will want integration…and so it goes…agendized blacks will not be appeased, regardless of what whites do…similarly for agendized women…

      There is only one solution…take race and gender completely out of the equation…no more race or gender based benefits for anyone…individual problems of discrimination must be solved individually…if a person can prove actual discrimination, then they should be compensated…if they only FEEL like they are being discriminated against, with no actual proof of discrimination, their cries of discrimination should be ignored…

      Our President is doing a great job of taking race out of the equation…although the NFL protesters are Black, the President has made it clear that the problem is not that of race, but behavior…and as long as he focuses on behavior rather than race, he may make a dent in the activist situation…

      • reagangs

        Remember LBJ and his appeasement attempt with his Great Society welfare programs and his comment; I’ll have them n****s voting democrat for the next 200 years.

  • reagangs

    Ever since the 1880s, the commies (Marxism) has infiltrated our institutions of so called “higher learning”. It was always the plan of Marxism to capture the hearts of the immigrant EU elites and when the Russian Revolution put it on steroids, it was down hill ever since. The ultra rich elites have a vested interest in communism and the American OWO. Much like Obozo, they are vying for their place in the US socialist state.

  • buster

    Once there was segregation in this country but the nation healed itself and did away with it. Then history books were rewritten and changed to support the democrats way of thinking. . Now we see that we are repeating a part of that dark history. Dig out the old history books, study them, and get back to a time when there was no segregation. A time where we were color BLIND. If we don’t; we are in for a race war where NO ONE WILL WIN……

  • jreg9304

    Oh, they wanna go that far heh!!!!! Why don’t we go all out and bring back slavery.. that would put a big crimp into some peoples way of thinking!! Wouldn’t everyone like to have a pet GROID AGAIN????

  • jcblankjr

    Delusional solution proffered by mental midg….uh, small people.


    “According to a report from the National Pulse, American colleges are planning on segregating their classrooms in order to fight racial inequality on college campuses.”

    So, how does the segregation of classes at a college campus improve equality?

    It comes across as giving preferential treatment to a small minority by letting them have classes of their own. This sounds like discrimination and racism in itself. Are they so special” they deserve their own classes?!

    Gee…..these poor itty bitty snowflakes might be otherwise be offended. Just how is that preparing them for the “REAL” world?!

    Attention college administrators………
    You are going backwards.


  • Rody Kemple

    Dr. King would be ashamed.

  • Babsan

    The destruction of the American society by the Muslim FRAUD Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama and his Crime Syndicate DNC has come to a head.It took 4-5 generations to DUMB down society and it came home to roost 2008,ripe for implementation of the Communists/Marxists destruction that we are now facing every day.Congratulations you got what you voted for 2008-2012.Enjoy!

  • Robert F

    Let them have their segregation – but remember, actions have consequences.

  • buster

    Segregation was a terrible time in the history of this country so why bring it back? The separation of races will hurt both sides as it did years past.. Obama did a big number on this nation with his hate speech. Lets go back to a time where both races got along with one another. After ALL LIVES MATTER,

  • msgdiane

    History, do not remember it will be destined to relive it – that is what is happening.