It’s no surprise that ABC, NBC, and CBS are more left-leaning news stations, but just how biased they are might shock you. Leaders of the House Media Fairness Caucus wrote letters to the presidents of ABC, CBS, and NBC News, reported CNS News.

The letter, written by Caucus co-chairmen Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Alex Mooney (R-WV) and Kevin Cramer (R-ND), detailed how The Hill had extensively reported on President Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia, but only briefly reported on the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with Russia when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State:

“‘Despite the severity of the claims, the three networks have only spent a combined 4 minutes and 38 seconds covering the story. By comparison, the networks have spent 1,000+ minutes on the Trump-Russia collusion story,’ the Caucus said, citing Media Research Center (MRC) analysis in a statement announcing the letter.”

These findings portray the scope of just how biased these liberal news sources are and how serious the concern is with getting information to the general public:

“‘The Russia Uranium One scandal is an important developing story and the American people deserve to know the facts surrounding the investigation.  If the American people do not have the facts, they cannot make good decisions, and if they cannot make good decisions, our democracy is at risk.’

‘The obvious lack of objectivity of our network news organizations has never been more obvious than illustrated by the disparity of coverage of these two national stories,’ said Rep. Cramer.”

This bias is a direct threat to our nation’s democracy by omitting important information regarding a large scale scandal in the interest of the political parties these news organizations hold.

“NBC, CBS and ABC have all failed to meet the ‘public interest’ standard required of broadcasters, Cramer said:

‘The distribution of content on the public airwaves carries a ‘public interest’ standard, a standard abandoned by NBC, CBS and ABC long ago. At a minimum, ‘public interest’ ought to be reflected by the absence of bias in news coverage.'”

This just goes to show that you can’t trust these “fake news” sources.

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  • cigarcamel

    The FCC needs to pull all of their licenses to broadcast!

  • mbnick

    They need to be investigated for collusion to impact an election, just for starters. Notice they do not report their approval ratings.

  • Charles W. Bell

    Time to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, equal time for each side

  • 92nRed Rappini

    I don’t know if these Stations get federal money but if they do the feds should stop, but then we’ll probably get into 1st amendment rights.

    • Sue

      Maybe, if they do receive funding, then that government appointed board has the right to levy fines in the seven figure amt. and higher. The peoples’ taxes are paying to fund broadcasters. Remember when cable was first available? The plus was NO advertisements. Now we pay outrageous fees for service and everything except premium movie channels (extra charge) is advertisement supported as well.

  • John Dennis

    The bias is disgusting, Trump has removed the veil. This was said by Andrew Breitbart many years Ago. Americans are not informed because the Media is deceitful and corrupt. Because of this they are no longer reporting news but an opinion based holering intoi an empty barrel. For this reason they need their FCC license revoked!!!

  • buster

    We can see the bias, so the way to stop these news station from
    being one sided in a political way is to stop watching their news shows and even turning them off.

  • Big Ed

    The three fellows from the Republicans caucus say to the media, “if the American people do not have the facts, they cannot make good decisions, and if they cannot make good decisions our democracy is at risk.” In the last election, the media reported more lies than truths and the people sorted it out and voted for Trump. In my view, with Trump as president, we actually now have a chance for our republic to be saved. Over 60 million people and I decided we were not ready to cede our sovereignty to some faceless cabal ready to govern us as slaves in their One World Order. We have been surprised to find that many Republicans are a part of this cabal, in addition to the Democrats we always knew were part of it.

  • Morgan23

    Remember Pravda, the Media Arm of the Communist Party In the Old Soviet Union………………..same thing. Maybe we need a little investigating of the News Media vis-a-vi the collusion of it and the Deep State and the Democratic Party.

  • pemaddin

    Obamas friends and associates own the alphabet media, what did you expect them to do? The people know the bias and non reporting of actual news we need to know so we don’t watch them. We are not sheep to be led.