The Environmental Protection Agency has recently lost 700 employees/swamp members under the Trump administration. These members include scientists, specialists, and department directors.

So what is President Trump’s response? So long, suckers.

The president has no intention of replacing them. He is happy to gut one of the most bloated government organizations. It his view that the EPA has grown too powerful and become a major hindrance to industry and the economy.

The Hill reports that the agency had even become too big for environmentally friendly President Obama:

“The cuts also appear to be apart of a trend that began during the Obama administration, when budget restraints put a squeeze on the agency. The departures seem to have increased during the Trump administration, however.

“Trump has brought a markedly different approach to the EPA, with Administrator Scott Pruitt pursuing a more industry-friendly posture that includes rolling back major regulations.”

It’s a good thing regulations are getting rolled back because we are a primarily capitalist society because everyone know’s socialism doesn’t work anywhere. Trump know’s what is best for the country and will continue draining the swamp for us.

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  • Tomas

    IMO a draw back should merely be a first step. That is not a sufficient end, a dismantling is imperative. The EPA has experienced zero supervision from congress and that has allowed the rogue agency to rule and regulate with carte blanche. No restrain no so-called over-sight. What the EPA has become and the power it imposes is frankly unconstitutional. Agencies DO NOT MAKE LAW, but that is exactly what the EPA has done and continues to do. It must stop. What Trump and Pruitt has done is a good first step, but it is only a first step.

    • 50RWF

      15,376 people employed at EPA in 2016, at a budget of $8.14 Billion annually. 700 is nothing. they need to get rid of 10,000 more. The government needs to cut vacations, days off, sick days, and exorbitant salaries they currently receive. Operate like the private sector with reasonable work expectations and benefits!!!

    • k9maiden

      Give him time, he has just begun cleaning the swamp!

      • dennis w

        this is just the first year…..and not even that……..
        things are starting to roll……..
        GOD BLESS YOU BOTH………..MAGA…….

  • dan690

    Only 700, we need to get rid of most of them.

    • Joe M

      Dan, it is a start. Lets use the 700 as a guide line for all government agencies. State with FBI, DOJ, IRS, DOE, etc. I am sure that all of these agencies have at least that many useless swamp dwellers that need to go.

  • Craig

    Keep that drain unplugged!

    • Joe M

      NEWS FLASH!!!!!. There is going to be a world wide shortage of Drano because
      President Trump is filling a campaign promise of draining the Swamp
      in the US. MAGA.

  • Paul

    How many are there? I call this a good start ! Save money for the taxpayers.

    • Rick

      There are over 15,000 EPA employees. Put the vast majority to work in Trump’s new economy, surely they will be able to find a job now!

      • Diane Woodard

        MMMMMMMMMMMMM???. Do we think this is a good idea????? They may contaminate
        other facets of American society.

      • dennis w

        Regular businesses don’t and WILL NOT TOLERATE the BULSHIDT they’ve been pulling…..

  • Bill

    With as many swamp creatures there are it is possible the drain may get plugged. Real Americans may want to send President Trump cans of drano to help prevent any clogging. Just a thought and a great hint to assist our President in MAGA.??

    • Diane Woodard

      Try vinegar and baking soda. Works well, destroys the smell, and mor environmently accepable. Good point anyway, Bill!

  • pedro

    Congress needs to slash the budget to make sure the remaining swamp critters don’t hire them back. EPA is completely out of control.

  • Gene Sanders

    They’ve grown from ~4000 employees and a $1Billion dollar budget in 1970 to over 15,000 employees and over $8Billion dollar budget in 2017. No doubt many of those positions can be eliminated and they’ll still have enough cretins to make our lives miserable.

  • Jmanjo

    Obama was a blight on American history! Perhaps Prince Harry can get him a job as a comedian, after all he his a big joke!

    • dennis w

      right up his alley……..AS A ‘COURT FOOL’……….
      he’ll even get to wear his little bells…..TINKLE…TINKLE…….
      take the moose MICHAEL with him…….

  • donald540

    The EPA has gotten so much POWER that they NOW control of our WATER even if it is only a SMALL puddle of water on a DRY desert land and to DEMAND the land owner do what the EPA says they can do ONLY what they say they can or can NOT do with the SMALL puddle.

    • Paulus

      Have they de-militarized the ERA yet? I haven’t heard a word about disarming their brown shirt brigades. Also, what about disarming the other Bummer agencies, such as the Dept of Interior, the Dept of Commerce (!), the Post Office and others that have armed swat teams? In the case of the DOI, they used armed snipers and other troops in the raid on the Bundy family in AZ. The Bundy’s have been jailed for years and the gummint is still trying to keep them there forever.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Great job Mr. President, please continue to drain the septic system.
    God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

    • Diane Woodard

      AMEN BROTHER! PREACH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CR

    If most of them are “Climate Change Believers”, we don’t need them anywhere, and in particular, nowhere near schools or colleges, where they would just misinform the next generation of students!!

  • Donald Kilb

    An empty house for an empty IQ agency. What a awesome idea.

  • David McAllister


  • David McAllister

    Time to shutdown this self-serving, corrupt scam of an agency.

  • FreemenRtrue

    Trim he fat; fry the Deep Staet malefactors. Reduce the size of government and government $$pending.

  • Big Ed

    The seven hundred who quit is a very good start. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get rid of the rest of them, because they are all leaches and none provide a service worth having for the country.

  • preston

    700 resignations/firings is a beginning with the EPA, now all we need to do is get rid of all those commies working in the IRS.

  • doc suske

    God Bless Trump! The last of the Knights Templar…


    The next alphabet soup, wasteful and corrupt department on the chopping block should be the IRS.

    • RERJR

      I see your point but disagree. The rank and file IRS people I’ve dealt with all seemed fair and helpful. It was only a top few who abused their power.

  • donl

    #1. Obie didn’t pay them that well and they knew Trump wasn’t giving them a raise. #2. They were probably guilty of a crime and didn’t want to be investigated. #3. the people they pi**ed off were after them.


    Needs a re-write. POTUS Trump and Sec. Pruitt are pursuing a more CITIZEN friendly than industry-friendly EPA. Lots of people in the WIND and SOLAR industry were as pleased as honey with President Obama but they doubled the cost of electricity for everyone, rich and poor.

  • tom2

    Conservatives, especially landowners, cheer the comment. But big media forums would ban him for such effrontery. The 1st Amendment never anticipated that “suckers” would be used to describe bureaucrats.

    • Diane Woodard

      But they really are paraacites!

      • dennis w


  • Jerald Hart Schwen

    Needed to be done

  • Jerald Hart Schwen

    Needed to be done!!!

  • Dwimby

    The EPA epitomizes the Deep State and all its barnacles and protuberances. Good riddance to the 700. Your ignoble gesture is America’s gain. Oh that it could be otherwise…