The Environmental Protection Agency has recently lost 700 employees/swamp members under the Trump administration. These members include scientists, specialists, and department directors.

So what is President Trump’s response? So long, suckers.

The president has no intention of replacing them. He is happy to gut one of the most bloated government organizations. It his view that the EPA has grown too powerful and become a major hindrance to industry and the economy.

The Hill reports that the agency had even become too big for environmentally friendly President Obama:

“The cuts also appear to be apart of a trend that began during the Obama administration, when budget restraints put a squeeze on the agency. The departures seem to have increased during the Trump administration, however.

“Trump has brought a markedly different approach to the EPA, with Administrator Scott Pruitt pursuing a more industry-friendly posture that includes rolling back major regulations.”

It’s a good thing regulations are getting rolled back because we are a primarily capitalist society because everyone know’s socialism doesn’t work anywhere. Trump know’s what is best for the country and will continue draining the swamp for us.