The Sifting Reality website posted a graphic that perfectly destroys the lefts hypocritical argument for gun control laws.  When comparing how many people have died from gun shot wounds, to how many innocent unborn  children have been killed by abortion, the numbers don’t even begin to compare.

According to the site Sifting Reality, who first posted the graphic, it compares how many unborn babies were killed thanks to the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade in 1973 and how many people have been killed by gun violence.

According to the graphic, 54,559,615 unborn children have been killed thanks to abortion from 1973 till 2013.  But only 524,278 people, over those 40 years, have been killed from firearms.

It seems like Democrats have their priorities messed up. Maybe if Democrats cared so much about the sanctity of life, they would do something about abortion, which is essentially legalized murder, that remains legal in 50 states.

Maybe instead of attacking lawful gun owners who are protected by the constitution’s second amendment right to bear arms, Democrats should be paying attention to how much blood is on their hands thanks to their pro-choice stance.

Check out the graphic:

BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.

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  • TrueAmerican781

    It would be interesting to find out how many of those abortions are from minorities, especially the black community. The recent “protests” of “racial inequality” and “systemic racism” because of police brutality is not even 1% compared to the amount of blacks killed by the “party of compassion”.
    Listen up minorities if you continue to blindly follow what the Dems/leftists say you will never overcome your victim mentality. Wake up, be your own person and educate yourself. Elect people based on their beliefs/stance not based on their skin color.

  • pemaddin

    Babies are defenseless and dems can murder them by the millions, that’s why they want our guns taken away. They can only control defenseless people.

  • Moon Mullins
  • Steve Mandell

    People singing and celebrating at a music festival are also defenseless and have aspirations and dreams and desire to grow old and be with their family members and friends for the duration of their natural life. Are you saying their lives are any less valuable or meaningful. So if Republicans and Conservatives really cared about saving lives they would want to save those gunned down as well. As if being gunned down is Ok and acceptable, is that what you are saying? What Hypocrisy!

    • ch

      Killing babies is legal, shooting people is not. No amount of more gun control will prevent this as criminals will always get guns ILLEGALLY. I for one will want to be able to protect myself from these CRIMINALS. You create gun free zones, you get people killed.

  • Robert F

    What are you doing? You must know by now that liberals and democrats do not care about fact!

  • msgdiane

    Totally agree.

  • buster

    Thank your stars if someone has a gun and law is no where to be found when you are being raped, cut up, beaten or murdered..Help is on the way but it will be to late…Thank the person carrying who is able to step in and save you.