[WATCH] Somali Pirates Messed With the Wrong Boat And Regret It Instantly

Somali pirates are known to take over ships, but this time, they picked the wrong one.

The men in the video below on the cargo ship were private security guards with enough fire power to over light the pirate up.

These attackers regret even thinking about starting a fight. Watch the footage here.

(H/T Red Elephants)

  • backhome1999

    Those Somali pirates have ruled those waters way too long.

    • Howard A McClellan

      The ship should have had a deck gun like the one’s used on sub’s.in WW2.

  • deen_ad

    I wouldn’t be shooting to warn them away, I’d shoot to kill!

    • Buster Nutt

      They did kill them!

  • Great moving target practice. Excellent job, folks.

    • Terry Rushing

      Time to feed the sharks. I hope such action will not make the poor sharks ill when they ingest all that muzzie trash.

  • libsarescum

    Wait until Maxine Waters sees the video, she will deem it “racist”.

  • Babsan

    About time these savages get confronted

  • DonRS

    Of course, this has been the answer to the Somali pirates since Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines, in 1801, to destroy them during the Barbary Wars, in which Muslim
    extremists, pirates, from the Barbary States (Tripoli, Tunisia,
    Algeria and Morocco), finally defeating them in 1805! The Muslims know only one way – kill or be killed. Let us, again, show them that outcome of their desire for world dominance!

  • Larry Miller


  • donald540

    I have been waiting some time for this to actually happen.
    I have hears about those Somali pirates attacking ships and either just taking those ships or using the cargo for their own people.