Watch What Happens After ISIS Shoots At An American Helicopter

ISIS never stood a chance. Really though, what were they thinking?

In this viral clip, ISIS takes a shot at a U.S. helicopter. But the response comes quickly.

Watch as all hell breaks lose after the U.S. military responds on the location where ISIS fired their initial weapons.

The originally posted video has been viewed over 3 million times already.

WARNING: There is an intense military sequence and their is some foul language.

  • mmmilesll

    Now that we have a real president, the military can do what they are supposed to-KILL THE ENEMY

    • gypsy314


  • reagangs

    Every now and then, our Hueys and AC-47s would light up the night skies in ‘Nam.

  • kmbold

    The US military should clean up their language.

    • Terry Rushing

      I have far more concern for the damage that the previous administration has done to the military as well as this nation than I do about some stress induced expletives. Why do I suspect that if you were under fire you might utter something more than, “Oh wow! Golly, gee!”

    • F*ck that — Semper f*ckin’ Fi !!!

    • backhome1999

      bull, obviously you’ve never been in combat.

  • gobrien

    Isn’t it nice that our guys — the good guys can actually fire on the enemy? It’s called WINNING folks. Get used to it libs.

  • Larry Blake

    Light em up!

  • insaney

    YES…..YES……YES…..KUDOS PRESIDENT TRUMP… while Ovomitt would just be sayinh ” Can’t we all just get along here ?” Now recruits will be signing up to get the job done! Not just to learn military trainihb so they can go back to the M-13s or ISIS

  • backhome1999

    Thank the Lord they were allowed to retaliate. Remember that copter full of Navy Seals & others
    that were shot down and all killed, because they had to get permission to return fire?
    We can thank bama for 8 years of our losses for his stupid rules that got us killed.