WATCH: Environmentalists Mourn Dead Trees In Sacred Ceremony… Seriously

A group called ‘Earth First’ take their love of trees to the extreme.

In the video above you can see a few members mourning dead trees in the woods of North Carolina.

And yes, this is 100% real.

Earth First describes itself:

“Earth First! is an international movement composed of small, bioregionally-based groups. Earth First!ers (EF!ers) take it upon ourselves to become intimately familiar with the ecology of our area and the most immediate and serious threats to it. We apply “direct pressure” to stop the bleeding, with a combination of education, litigation, and creative civil disobedience. Many EF!ers experience both the joy of the wild and the anguish of losing it so acutely that they feel isolated and alone before coming together as a group. Nothing is more empowering or more fulfilling than standing defiant in creative consort with other like-hearted people. Dare to love that much!

“While there is broad diversity within Earth First! from animal rights vegans to wilderness hunting guides, from shrill voices to careful followers of Gandhi, from whiskey-drinking backwoods riffraff to thoughtful philosophers, from misanthropes to humanists there is agreement on one thing, the need for action!

“Earth First! is a priority, not an organization. The only “leaders” are those working the most effectively. New ideas, strategies and crucial initiative come from individuals, and all decisions are made within affinity groups based on preferred tactics. EF! is as much an extended family as an environmental movement, developing the integrity and skills for a new/old way of living with the land. Our actions are tied to Deep Ecology, the spiritual and visceral recognition of the intrinsic, sacred value of every living thing.”

  • Michael Ward

    I would much prefer being a “crazy” tree-hugging hippie than to be any sort of DC Statesman.

    (DC Statesmen being utterly corrupt and totally delusional).

    • Susan Scufsa

      These people are crazies..nothing better to do with their lives. Don’t they know trees are a renewable resourse…Instead of these ridiculous prostrations, get the shovel out and plant a new one. That’s what we do here in NE Minnesota.

      • Jarhead

        HARD FOR THE TREE-HUGGERS TO DO SINCE THEIR HEAD IS JAMMED FIRMLY, TIGHTLY UP THEIR COLON. We should ban oil & coal usage by all tree-huggers and film their death by starvation & freezing while in the dark.

  • Frankiedoodle

    That is truly disgusting, get a life with some true meaning. You’re nothing but a bunch of
    sniffling idiots. I could hardly get through it, it’s truly ridiculous.

  • Paul

    Too funny. You guys need to find out how many millions of trees are removed each year by farmers so they can grow more corn to make ethanol out of. It will make you sick.