Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: Marco Rubio Has ‘Lost It’ For Tweeting Bible Verses

Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post has outdone themselves today. First they put out a story using anonymous stories (their trademark) bashing Trump for allegedly passing on classified intelligence to the Russians, and now they’re bashing Christians.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today tweeted out a few Bible verses:

It’s really not that unusual for a devoted Christian like Rubio.

But the Washington Post’s ‘conservative’ writer Jennifer Rubin thought it was crazy for him to do so, questioning his mental fitness:

Of course, calling Rubin a conservative is a joke. Only hacks like the editors at the Washington Post would dare to call someone a conservative who puts out liberal trash like this:

Former Washington Post Ombudsman once called for Jennifer Rubin to be fired over her terrible brand of journalism, calling it “political pornography”:

“Have Fred Hiatt, your editorial page editor — who I like, admire, and respect — fire opinion blogger Jennifer Rubin. Not because she’s conservative, but because she’s just plain bad,” Pexton writes in the letter, which was published by Washington City Paper.

“She doesn’t travel within a hundred miles of Post standards,” Pexton argues. “She parrots and peddles every silly right-wing theory to come down the pike in transparent attempts to get Web hits. Her analysis of the conservative movement, which is a worthwhile and important beat that the Post should treat more seriously on its national pages, is shallow and predictable. Her columns, at best, are political pornography; they get a quick but sure rise out of the right, but you feel bad afterward.”

“Rubin was the No. 1 source of complaint mail about any single Post staffer while I was ombudsman, and I’m leaving out the organized email campaigns against her by leftie groups like Media Matters,” the former ombudsman concludes. “Thinking conservatives didn’t like her, thinking moderates didn’t like her, government workers who knew her arguments to be unfair didn’t like her. Dump her like a dull tome on the Amazon Bargain Books page.”

Ouch. Maybe making bigoted statements isn’t a step in the right direction towards credibility, Jennifer.

  • Norbert

    Why is Jennifer Rubin always called a Conservative?

  • Duke615

    Jennifer Rubin should be reassigned, covering the North Pole.

    • Norbert

      But she’s a Conservative, or so we keep being told.