UK Sniper Kills Six Afghan Insurgents With One Bullet

This might be the craziest result from a sniper shot in military history.

Check this out:

The British military has confirmed that in December 2013, a sniper killed six Afghan insurgents with a single shot.

The 20 year-old UK sniper was defending a position in southern Afghanistan, when he observed what appeared to be enemy activity near a treeline some 850 meters from his sniper’s nest.

After positively identifying the targets as enemy combatants, the sniper zeroed in on an individual carrying a machine gun.

Unknown to the sniper, the target was wearing a suicide vest, which exploded as he was hit by the bullet.

The blast was powerful enough to kill six insurgents, and the sniper was commended for preventing a serious attack on British forces.

It has also emerged that the same unnamed sniper shot and killed a Taliban machine gunner at a range of 1,340 meters earlier in 2013.

Let that be a lesson to suicide bombers.

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  • CaptTurbo

    Not bad! Six pieces of crap with one stone!

  • reagangs

    Modern technology has improved the rifle, scope, projectile and round since I was in ‘Nam. Scope night vision was another step. May Allah have mercy on their souls. Their 72 virgins waiting for them are devils in disguise.

  • MaxAR15

    Love those Accuracy International Rifles. What did that old AT&T ad say, when you need to reach out & touch someone.