UK Olympic Rower James Cracknell Argues North Korea Has ‘Handle on Obesity’

Rowing gold medalist and aspiring conservative politician James Cracknell caused a bit of outrage during an interview when he said communist Cuba and North Korea have “got a handle on obesity.”

This was prompted by interviewer Jonathan Samuels telling Cracknell that people were starving in North Korea and were not obese due to a lack of food. Cracknell then blurted out:

“Exactly. But there were sanctions and everything else. But the example is behavourial change.”

But then came the anger.

“Starving your own people is not exactly slimming world,” said Gordon Horspool.


Dan Hill wrote in a post: “Yes, starving your people will tend to have that result…Comments like that will let @jamescracknell fit right in as an MP.”

Cracknell quickly apologized on Twitter, but the damage was already done.

“Yeah, sorry guys. I take it on the chin. Trying to make a point that came out badly,” he said.

The most awful part is that there is so much attention being given to the PR faux pas, than the actual issue of poverty and obesity.