Triggered Vegans Hold Protests Over Eggs

Triggered vegan.

Imagine enjoying a meal at a restaurant only to be interrupted by a triggered vegan shaming you for eating eggs.

Sometimes life seems like a parody, because this actually happened.

The woman in the restaurant (and the video attached below) is Kelly Atlas. She is an Oakland, California-based activist, organizer and designer with Direct Action Everywhere. The group’s website says that it strives to “create a world where animal liberation is a reality.”

Atlas and other Direct Action followers are currently on a campaign to tell people who eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy or eggs that they need to change and stop eating animals.

When they target a business, several members assemble in a flash mob type protest. Typically, one person announces Direct Action’s message and other members will carry signs with the slogan, “It’s not food, it’s violence.”

After entering the restaurant, Atlas begins a tearful rant about how her “little girl” was “abused for her entire life.”

Here is the cringe-worthy video:

  • Stephan Postol

    Way to make belittle child abuse.

  • Jason Camp

    Yall do realize this is a joke for youtube hits right. Eggs at reasturants and ones sold are unfertile eggs

  • Chuck Hawkes

    what a freak considering her veganism is destroying the world forest were real species live and are going extinct because it is being converted to farm land.

  • Andrea

    umm chickens are physically incapable of crying they lack tear ducts

    also this person appears to have some emotional damage that she should speak to a trained professional about

  • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

    Her brain could be smaller than a chicken’s.

  • Howard Martin

    Give me a porterhouse. I wonder why the hell the manager don’t throw her ass out. I shure as fuck would.