Trans-Species Is Now A Thing

A Norway woman thinks she is a cat. We wish this was a parody, but it is not. Nano, 20, has believed she was born into the wrong species since she was 16.

She claims to be able to see in the dark and have a strong sense of smell. she also hates water and claims to be able to communicate simply by meowing.

In the video Nano, who reflects her inner cat by wearing a pair of pointed ears and an artificial tail begins her interview with a series of rather convincing ‘meows’. She then explains that she first discovered her true identity as a teenager.

‘I realised I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists found out what was “the thing” with me. Under my birth there was a genetic defect,’ she explains in the video.

Watch the news reel about her life:

Read the whole story here.

  • Billy Haake

    She’s acting or seriously mentally ill. I’m betting on acting – she’s getting the attention she craves. The sad part is there are gullible morons out there who will take her seriously and will start demanding that litter boxes be placed in public bathrooms to accommodate her.

    • Shelley Perry


    • JoshuaBoudreaux

      I have a litter box at my place, if she does not mind sharing with the other two cats I have.

      • GoodPeople

        Do you really want to clean a litter box after her??

  • bye kido

    Wow. Anime fucks you up.

  • Scott Clark

    don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.

    • TombstoneLizard

      Preferably lobotomized…

  • Beryl Lasko

    No. Experience is subjective. No human alive can claim they are anything other than human. This girl most likely has a fetish, and is confused about it. The driving force in all this could be online communities, in which groupthink tends to perpetuates ideas into beliefs, which can make a profound influence, esp. for younger people who tend to reach out via the internet. Her situation is not uncommon believe it or not, she’s simply drawing more attention to it.

    • SillySwifty

      that is true, born human always human it’s in Dna

      • JoshuaBoudreaux

        unless you DNA slice ^.^

  • Brenda

    This is not as uncommon as you think among people on the spectrum. If you’re not positive about what is going on in their brains then why make fun of them.

  • Serious Starsider

    Uhhh yeah right sure, this is not a parody. LOL.

  • jammer397
  • Goliath Immortal

    This is what happens when you drink your own piss…

  • Christie Luv

    So what? She’s not harming anyone. Just because what she believes does not appear true to you does not mean she deserves disrespect. You can just show her evidence if there ever is any, and if you have to, which you don’t, because she’s not disrespecting anyone with it, and it’s her life. We all have independent minds, which gives us all different perspectives, life stories….which creates different likes, interests, and beliefs. If you can’t respect people for having those things you become the problem.

    • Matrim Cauthon

      ROFL… Yes, she does deserve disrespect – IF she’s not going to get the psychological fix she needs. Also, you’re part of the problem too, Sweetie. It’s ludicrous acceptance such as yours, that will lead us all back into living in mythology, etc. Please hang yourself this afternoon, as no one will miss you, I’m fairly certain.

  • SillySwifty

    Actually im tran-species to not in the case as this woman though, reply here if you got any questions.

    • Holland Shoaf

      Can you catch fleas ?

    • Dominic Blais

      how many mice did you eat today

  • insaney

    Why not. We’ve all heard about the ” furries ” haven’t we? I think that’s what they’re called. Adults who dress up in head to toe animal costumes and have parties. Not recessarily a sexual fetish, but it’s pretty out there

  • insaney

    At least she chose the right species. Cats are known to be God’s blessed creature

  • TombstoneLizard

    A new meaning to the term “crazy cat-lady” has been formed…

  • Bill Beveridge

    Is Target going to put in “litter boxs?

  • Barbaric Yap

    A whole new meaning to grabbing a pussy!

  • Matthew W
  • Dominic Blais

    if she doesn’t go into heat once a month id say she needs better doctors

  • GoodPeople

    Seriously tran-species?? These trans-species need to be locked up in
    the pound or the nut house. The pound however does euthanize when it is
    over crowded!