Sweden Forcing Christian Asylum Seekers To Take Bible Quiz

Sweden’s Migration agency is in a lot of trouble for forcing Christian asylum seekers to take ‘Bible knowledge quizzes.’ The so-called secular European country does not require people of other religions to take such a quiz. But now this quiz is a requirement:

Some of the asylum seekers became Christians in their home country and fled because of persecution, while others just wanted to leave Islam, SVT reports. Religious persecution can be a reason for applying for asylum in Sweden.

One lawyer representing asylum seekers, Serpil Güngör, told the broadcaster that it was a terrible idea to test the asylum seekers in this way.

“I think it’s terrible. I have repeatedly had to interrupt administrators who ask these questions because they are not relevant and are far too complicated,” Güngör said.

Questions include:

“how many parts consists the New Testament of?”, “What is the difference between the Orthodox and Protestant church?” And “what are the sacraments?”. Catechetical held by the Swedish clergy to test the parishioners’ Bible knowledge until the end of the 1800s…

But the Migration agency is not backing down:

“It is a reasonable demand that the asylum applicant should show some knowledge of the Bible – this should come naturally, and isn’t something you need to study,” Carl Bexelius, deputy legal director at the Swedish Migration Agency, said.

They claim that people are pretending to convert to Christianity in order to gain acceptance. Persecution of religious faith boosts the chances for migrants to gain asylum. With a major influx of Muslims, pretending to be a Christian could give them a better chance.

7,000 refugees have applied for asylum since the beginning of the year. Since 2014, 260,000 people have applied.

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