‘Sharia’ Enforcers Roaming The Streets In Minneapolis

Abdullah Rashid, previously known as Devon James Miller, is a 22-year old man from Georgia who recently moved to Minneapolis. These days Rashid is trying to invoke a so-called “civil part of Sharia Law. By doing so he is angering local residents as well as fellow Muslim leaders. Rashid:

“has been making the rounds in the Somali-dominated neighborhood, telling people not to drink, use drugs or interact with the opposite sex. If he sees Muslim women he believes are dressed inappropriately, he approaches them and suggests they should wear a jilbab, a long, flowing garment. And he says he’s recruiting others to join the effort.”

Rashid and his group, General Presidency of the Religious Affairs and Welfare of the Ummah, are causing havoc in the community and local Muslim leasers are trying to break up the group and get Rashid to stop.

“What he’s doing is wrong and doesn’t reflect the community at all,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Rashid has been seen sporting a uniform that said “Muslim Defense Force” and “Religious Police” and had two flags associated with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

In a recent interview, Rashid said he aims to turn Cedar-Riverside into a “sharia-controlled zone” where Muslims are learning about the proper practices of Islam and that “non-Muslims are asked to respect” it. “People who don’t know me would say I’m a terrorist,” he said. “I’m someone who’s dedicated to Islam and trying to help the community all ways I can.”

Even the Islamic Institute of Minnesota has said that Rashid

“does not in any way speak for the Islamic Institute of Minnesota or the Muslims in Minnesota. We consider this matter as a dangerous precedent and a threat in our country and our way of life,” the statement said. “We ask our law enforcement agencies to consider this grave matter to protect Minnesotans.”

But that hasn’t stopped him from pushing his religious views through police tactics.

  • markypolo

    Thanks Obama and you worthless lazy liars, thieves , and crooks that voted for him. America is now flooded with muslim scum and Illegal immigrants from Central America.

  • Americanone

    This is the United States of America where the U.S. laws and OUR Constitution guide the people. There is no place for foreign law or any other law that is contradictory to our Constitution and our laws. Sharia law is the law that muslims chose to follow but not here in the USA. They are free to follow and practice whatever they want, so long as it is NOT in the USA. WE the citizens of the USA are not and will not be bound by any foreign law. If muslims are not happy with our way of life, they are always free to leave the USA. We did not invite them, they came on their own. They can either accept and assimilate or get out and go back to where they came from. If muslims are so tough that the believe they can stand up to and challenge US citizens, then they are tough enough to stand up and challenge the forces in the countries they fled from. Either way, this is the USA, not Europe or the middle east and Americans will not be pushed around, threatened, or forced into submission of any foriegn bullshit.

    • 1johnnyp

      They are not just coming here. They are, not so slowly, invading us.

  • garysvent

    Cover this boob in pulled pork, and send him — not back to Georgia; even they don’t deserve him — but to some Middle East sandbox where this kind of misguided nonsense known as Islam perpetrates itself.

    • Elizabeth Davis

      No we do not want him in GA. We obey US laws not a foreign countries law send him back to where ever he came from

    • tom2

      Reveals what you think of Georgia. Harrumph…

      • garysvent

        LOL! He came from there to help ruin my state; I’m not going to thank them!

      • tom2

        heh-heh. The scum always stinks up somebody else’s state. We need a place for them. I’m thinking Zimbabwe, The Congo or Los Angeles where it already stinks.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    sheria law has no place in this country. only Us laws

  • Esau’s Message

    This man is committing several misdemeanor and administrative offenses: disturbing the peace, assault, perhaps battery, public nuisance. He absolutely must be a Democrat.

  • tom2

    In the good old days, residents would adjust this b*st*rd’s attitude.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Does this Nitwit understand that Sharia Law is Incompatible with the US Constitution? He is pushing Slavery and a Real War on Women!

    It is time to Ban Muslim Immigration into the West for the next 1,000 years. That is how Europe protected itself from the Evil called Islam since the first Muslim War in 632 AD.

    It is no secret that FBI reports and eyewitness accounts have made it clear that a large number of the mosques in the United States urge their congregations to wage jihad against the infidels (that is we Americans and our families) and impose Sharia Law first on all Muslims and then on all Americans.