Seriously? Half of UK Schools Ban ‘Winning’

The Daily Mail UK reported that 57% of primary (elementary) schools in the UK have banned competitive sports and winning. Instead these schools have focused on non-competitive sports and affirming that losing is okay. The level of political correctness in the US has reached disastrous levels but at least it isn’t this bad.

On top of that most of the parents don’t want the schools to reinforce these concepts.

82 per cent wanted ‘old school’ competitive sports days back on the basis that children must realise ‘you can’t always win at everything in life and sometimes you have to lose’.

Seventy-six per cent did not approve of ‘non-competitive’ events, with parents believing that ‘healthy competition helped children individually to strive to improve and challenge themselves’.

Fifty-three per cent said they were ‘comfortable’ with their child losing, believing that it wasn’t ‘a bad thing’ because it helps build resilience and confidence.

Four in ten (43 per cent) said losing was an important life skill.

This is in contrast to the only 14% of parents who thought the non-competitive days were beneficial to the students.

There is of course nothing wrong with developing team spirit via group activities, but the results from this survey show that as parents we believe we should be helping our children to deal with disappointment and to understand that losing is completely ok.

This study came after it was found that 1 in 10 students attended private schools, however the majority of top athletes came from these schools.

Competitiveness helps prepare children for the real world. Children not taught that losing is ok and should be used as a learning opportunity are the ones that grow up to be “politically correct” and hinder the development of future generations in turn.