Senator Reveals BOMBSHELL In IT Scandal That Could Take Down Top House Democrats

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley may have just uncovered some dirt on House Democrats.

Grassley is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is not only requesting former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT adviser Imran Awan’ immigration files. But Grassley is also requesting immigration files from his wife, two brothers and two close friends.

“In light of the alleged illegal activity, the committee seeks to better understand Awan and his associates’ immigration histories,” Grassley said in an Aug. 4 letter to Elaine Duke, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The letter was made public by the committee Monday.

“Therefore, please provide the Alien File for the individuals listed below,” he continued. “Please also include any temporary files, working files, and all documents and items contained in them that were generated by DHS or in its possession.”

Awan’s wife, 2 brothers and 2 friends are all suspects in Awan’s stolen Congressional equipment investigation.

“Awan began working as an IT aide in 2004,” Grassley said in the letter. “Later, his wife, two brothers, and two friends began working as IT aides for nearly 30 congressmen. Over the span of 13 years, they collected more than $4 million—a sum that is reported to be three times higher than the norm for a government contractor.”

Awan and his crew had access to thousands of emails and files between top democrats on the intelligence, foreign affairs, and homeland security committees.

Senator Grassley had an inkling that there was more information to be had, and thanks to him, this is finally being investigated. It’s also important to note that just hours after his arrest, Awan lawyered-up with Chris Gowan who is longtime friends with the Clinton family.

  • We need common sense.

    Stay on it Chuck and lets clean out the one’s who try to use their office to get away with scams.

  • caesar

    Chuckee boy is part of the establishment and will do nothing!

  • Esau’s Message

    This is a very peculiar angle from which to approach this matter, unless, unless DWS and other Dems sped their permanent residence status and naturalization along, without permitting their proper vetting, and Chuck has evidence that these people are connected with ISI, Pakistani Intelligence. Now, that would indeed be a bombshell. And it makes you wonder about that poor prosecutor lying dead on a beach with a bullet in his head.

  • Big Ed

    We have a half a dozen Pakistanis as DNC computer IT people, we have a woman running for president who kept top security information on a computer stored in her bathroom, we have associates of the presidential candidate with the same classified information on their computers, we have rooms full of ex-Obama associates leaking anything and everything to the press in order to undermine Trump and we are afraid Trump may have conspired with the Russian? The Russians got anything and everything they could possibly have wanted from the Democrats. It appears that the Democrats just hung the security information of the US on the internet, marked “To whom it may concern” and now they are checking to see what part Trump might have played.