Sebastian Gorka: ‘Appeasement’ To Blame For North Korea

Sebastian Gorka, White House Deputy Assistant, said Bill Clinton and Barack Obama deserved much of the blame for the North Korean problem. He said we are now “paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang.”

Appearing on CBN with David Brody, Gorka was asked about a 1999 clip showing Donald Trump discussing the threat of North Korea. Back then Trump said there was little time to prevent a nuclear North Korea and attacked U.S. policy for letting it happen. Gorka praised Trump and said, “the president saw the price of appeasement which happened afterwards during the Clinton administration and then during the Obama administration, and today we are paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang.”

He also said, “The message is clear: This president will take whatever measures necessary to protect this nation. Dictatorships do not want what we want. They wish to destabilize the international system, and they wish to keep people enslaved.”

Later he was asked about alleged infighting in the White House. He said that it was all lies and a byproduct of “lazy journalism.” But he did promise leaks would stop soon:

“When asked who he thought was the source of recent White House leaks, Gorka responded, ‘I’m not going to get involved in the question of whose leaking because we have criminal referrals … already in front of the Department of Justice and the FBI. So let’s let those good men and women come to the conclusions of those investigations, but the leaks will stop.’

“’You do not test President Donald Trump and you certainly don’t test a four star marine general like General John F. Kelly,’ Gorka concluded.”

  • Samuel

    Headline about the article is misleading (Obama being pissed) Nothing in the story that would make Obama pissed not to mention Obama probably has never heard of CBN. This is making the dcstatesman more of another fake news outlet, it’s too bad.


      Samuel, I agree. I have a question for the writer: What about the president between Clinton and Obama, Mr. Bush? Is he without blame?

      • deusexmachina1

        He was just acting as the place holder for the next Democrat administration, and maintained the status quo…

  • If Barry is pi$$ed, that’s a good thing. Better to be pi$$ed than Pi$$ed on.

  • donl

    Anything that pisses-off OBIE is well worth it, our first Communist President was an A-Hole.