REPUGNANT: Look What CNN Did After GOP Rep Brings Up Damning Refugee Report

CNN is notorious for its lies and cutting off people that dare to have opposing opinions but they took it to another level when they cut of Representative Scott Taylor.

Taylor was brought onto the show to discuss the travel ban and the danger of having massive numbers of refugees in the country. He was talking about the dangers of refugees, citing a new FBI report that revealed that 30% of all domestic acts of terrorism were committed by refugees. Then, almost immediately after he said that, his feed was cut by CNN.

The funny thing is that they probably could have just waited another minute since the host was about to end the segment anyway.

If CNN is going to censor even polite guests, as Taylor was being extremely civil, their credibility is more in doubt than ever.

  • Sue

    This is exactly why I have never and will never watch cnn.

  • gwedem5995

    Some day and I don’t know when it will be, CNN will tell a true report and then nobody will believe them.But almost all the other news outlets are the same.

    • higgy01

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for CNN to tell the truth. It is not in the genes of every employee.


    Since 9/11 how many attack have we experienced from for terrorists outside this country COMMITTED INSIDE THIS COUNTRY. ZERO

    • Chuck

      Sources, please.

      • DUTCHIET

        US Government. All terrorist’s attacks have been committed have been from “home grown terrorists”

      • Ineluctable

        No they haven’t been. What about the Somali we allowed(Obama) he committed terror an ungrateful dirt bag.

      • DUTCHIET

        OK, please give us the the details such as where the act took place and the date. Educate us.

    • Constitution First

      Santa Barbra CA

    • mbnick

      They just go over for “training” and then return.

  • Ineluctable

    CNN is dying the death of failure. They cry wolf then beat the dead horse. They are a sick shame. If they were not worthy they would have viewers. Why watch when you know what they are going to say. they are a sick festering malignant sore on the face of journalism.

  • rockthebenz

    CNN may as well fold their tent. The only people watching them do so in passing through to the channel they want to watch. It is getting to the point no one believes anything coming out of CNN. Go outside, breathe, skip the fake news. Trump will endure and we, who voted him in, love him to death. Go Trump!!

  • Constitution First

    Time to shut the Communist News Network off the air.

  • Jim Burgess

    I am not a fan of CNN, but if you watch the time it turned over to 4:00. I bet that was a preset disconnect. not what was said.

    • Gnowark

      I’ll take that bet, let’s test it by finding an old youtube CNN clinton interview (hill or bill) that ends at 4.00′


    When is CNN closing its doors. Who listens to them, they are Un-American!

  • John Wirts

    The CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, needs to be boycotted, their credentials pulled and shutdown! Boycott all sponsors of this UN AMERICAN PROPANGDA MILL.

  • Kilr

    CNN….Cunts N Nuts….that should explain it all.

  • John

    CNN is a joke!

  • rj

    CNN / Dem’s = ‘Feelings’– Conservatives = ‘Facts’.

  • Dave Campbell

    “…citing a new FBI report that revealed that 30% of all domestic acts of terrorism were committed by refugees.”

    “Rep Scott Taylor’s feed is cut off after he says 30% of Refugees commit domestic terrorism”

    The first statement is what Taylor said. The second statement is from a tweet or blog post or whatever. Notice how easy it is to change a word or two around and you get a completely different meaning. That’s how easy it is to turn news into fake news. However, regardless of which meaning you beleive, it’s still a good argument to not bring in “refugees”.

  • Esau’s Message

    This is now a go to move. What could be more fake than claiming technical difficulties when you cut someone off for saying something you don’t like? Seriously, what? What? (That sounds like the old Howie Mandel.)