Rep. Adam Schiff Backtracking On Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee has led the charge for Democrats in the Trump-Russia collusion allegations. Despite media outlets like CNN accepting his word as gospel, he still has not produced any evidence linking Russia to the Trump campaign. It has all just been conjecture and rumor.

Well now it sounds like he is slightly backing off the Trump-Russia claims. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper over the weekend, Schiff admitted that he cannot “say whether anything was masked or unmasked properly,” after seeing the same evidence that House Intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) saw at the White House. Breitbart examines this more closely:

“It was an unusually muted response from Schiff, and suggests that the documents substantiate Nunes’ claims that the Obama administration conducted surveillance on members of the Trump transition team, and unmasked the names of U.S. citizens improperly before the intelligence was disseminated throughout the government. He merely said that he did not “agree with the chairman’s characterization” of the documents, but did not elaborate or say Nunes was wrong.

“In addition, Schiff backed off claims he made last month on MSNBC that there was “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. When Tapper asked him point-blank whether there was “collusion,” Schiff said: “I don’t think we can say anything definitively at this point.”

“Schiff’s failure to contest Nunes’s claims directly, and his refusal to repeat his conclusions about Russian collusion, add subtle support to two arguments: first, the contention by two senior former Obama administration intelligence officials that there is no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia; and second, the contention by President Donald Trump that he and his team were the victims of improper surveillance and leaks by the outgoing Obama administration.”

And as one Twitter user pointed out, this has been going on for an obscenely long time with nothing to show for it:

The Trump-Russia story is falling apart. As we noted earlier, former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has been discovered as the person who ‘unmasked’ Trump transition members identified in intelligence gathering. With the conversation now shifting to Obama officials seeking to discredit the Trump Administration for purely partisan reasons, the Democrats are losing credibility by the day.

  • JinNV

    To Schiff: then why were certain people in several agencies trying to block Nunes from seeing the information? Sounds like your side is the one hiding and diverting.

  • RDB

    Schiff is a smooth talker,i.e., a shyster, and just like most all Democrats, refuses to search for the truth, but implicates Trump beforehand. He’s no different than all the others. Mr. Schiff, to what address may I send your “crow pie?”

  • KJ

    Susan Rice’s grand jury indictment is right on schedule.

  • Esau’s Message

    This guy is one of the sleaziest pencil-necked geek in Congress. And that takes some doing. Remove him from HPSCI and replace him with a Democrat who takes his duties and responsibilities seriously.

    Enough of the gaslighting argument. That argument itself is gaslighting. Here’s the bottom line. There is no evidence yet revealed that Russia interfered in our election, pace the FBI, DNI, DHS statements to the contrary. Those statements are nothing but self-serving question-begging and conclusory unsupported by anything.

    Assuming, however, that Russia tried, and I think they did, did Russia succeed in turning the election from Hellary to Trump? There is no evidence to support that conclusion and cannot be. It is unknowable given the nature of elections, even to the Russians or the Obama White House or the Hellary campaign.

    We are now discovering that Obama began using our national security and intelligence apparatus for partisan political purposes as early as 2011, when the privacy filters were removed from the raw NSA data and that data was made available to all US intelligence services (and perhaps GCHQ). (Aside: Why are we sharing raw data with Great Britain?) Of course, Romney was squeaky clean that it didn’t help in 2012.

    Yet by October, 2016, Obama could read the internal polling better than anyone (certainly better than the hubristic Hellary campaign) and knew the race was slipping away from Hellary and the Dems. So putting in the fix for her at Main Justice and the Hoover building was no longer enough. And he and his minions have been trying ever since then to discredit Trump. If they could have, they already would have. They’re not holding back a thermonuclear device. They don’t have one.

    But the ground is rumbling under their feet right now. They were handling explosive materials carelessly and those are about to blow up in their faces. The Kalorama Batcave Operation will be blown sky high. Washington will never have seen such a splendid, brilliant fireworks show ever.

  • Bud Mulqueeney

    Another CLASSIC example of why WE NEED a Constitutional Convention WITH TERM-LIMITS AND ZERO ACCESS to jobs as lobbyists !!!

  • Bud Mulqueeney

    ALL of this will further anger and entice deplorables to REMOVE many of these sleaze-ball demoRATS come next mid-term elections, and possible also remove dead-beat Repubs in the process………………McCain and Ryan !!!