Religion of Peace? Woman BEHEADED for Shopping

Surely fear becomes warranted when something like this happens. A woman was killed in northern Afghanistan after going shopping alone, something forbidden under Taliban rule.

The Daily Mail says of the incident:

Provincial Governor spokesman Zabiullah Amani told the Nation that the 30-year-old woman was targeted because she went out alone without her husband, who is in Iran.

The Middle East Press reported the woman had gone to the market to shop.

Under Taliban rule women are prohibited from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative.

They are also banned from working or education and are forced to wear the burqa.

This incident comes off the heels of an incident late last year that involved five female guards at an airport in southern Afghanistan. These two incidents are just a few in a long line of violent acts against women under Taliban rule. The Daily Mail elaborates on this violence, saying:

From bomb attacks to targeted or honor killings or domestic abuses, Afghan women have borne the brunt of the 15 years of conflicts during the Taliban-led insurgency as security has deteriorated and violence has increased in most parts of the country.

It would be great to see the media that constantly criticizes the statements of our President to treat the DEATH of these women in the same way.

  • Chris Philips

    WE need direction for imposing term limits

  • headonstraight

    Horrible atrocities are committed all around the world on a daily basis. Do you want the media to set in place a system for identifying and reporting of all such atrocities? Does your President have any such system in place? Does the Washington Times? Does Fox News? Is there any organized effort by any conservative or liberal organization to keep up with the daily atrocities perpetrated in third world nations and elsewhere? Just WHAT course of action would you advocate to remediate this lack of reporting that so grieves you?

    • keepyourpower

      The left, and feminists, will not bring up what is happening under Sharia law, to women. It is like they put their hands over their ears, and chant na na na na na! I can’t hear you!

      It would harm their agenda, when it comes to women’s rights. It would show the truth of what happens to women, under Sharia law. As long as, the left aligns themselves with Islam, these women, on the left, will say nothing about the atrocities. I believe this is sinful!

    • markypolo

      headoncrooked: How about THIS: REPORT the NEWS! You fukking moron!

      • headonstraight

        See my reply, above, to “ch,” Then proceed to eat your obscene invective.

    • ch

      Fox does report these things, they are the only news media that does.

      • headonstraight

        And will you keep telling yourself that after you check out the numerous new media that have reported this incident all over the world?! Click on this link and see just how DEAD WRONG you are on this matter. If the link does not work, simply put “woman beheaded for shopping” in a search engine:

        Honestly, do you just get your brain on automatic pilot and ASSUME that your beloved Fox is the only medium where stories like this are reported? And speaking of atrocities, it is YOU, with your amorous embrace of assumptions, who have committed an atrocity within the realm of serious, sensible argumentation, discussion, and debate.

      • headonstraight

        See above my reply to ch, and then proceed to eat your profane words!

      • ch

        Your question was does Fox News. My answer Fox News does report it. I didn’t say it was the only news source, go f–k yourself

      • Jan Williams

        Yeah…..Go f–k yourself ! Lol.

      • Jan Williams

        Dear “headonstraightupass”, I went on the link and scrolled through 3 pages, The only ‘media’ source (television outlet) outside of the internet was FOX. Hang with your own evidence.

    • John Cheves

      We conservatives have been doing precisely what you suggest in pointing out oppression, and liberals label us “narrow minded haters” and “racists”.

      Ask yourself why it is that the American feminists fixated on “micro aggressions and other such trivial nonsense” never seem to give a rat’s a** about these stories of REAL sexism and oppression of women?

      Where’s their outrage over this? I guess they’re too fixated on “manspreading”.

  • keepyourpower

    She was not beheaded. She was shot in the head. You can see the brain spatter to the right.

  • Bob O’Connor

    Send them our Libtard Liberals who denigrate our great country while spouting Socialist rhetoric. Send them our Lib women because they are having a growing shortage in the Burka Brigade due to executions.

    • Dean

      Need to send some of the liberal female congress-women and liberal MSM female news reporters to the area to get a close-up report on the situation there. Of course they would have to report live from the area due-to-the-fact they probably wouldn’t make it back to the US.

  • donl

    ………And these are the type of people the Demo-Commies want to come to OUR country.

  • Les Landers

    Take a real good look ladies of Europe that America, this is what’s coming in your direction from the religion of peace. Get a grip. And if you’re going to go out alone, at least bring home a goat for your husband.

  • art

    keep it goat lovers of allah . I wish I could help rid the earth of unhappy muslims