After Pushing Obnoxious Liberalism For Years, ESPN Forced To Make MAJOR Announcement

ESPN has been losing money and subscribers left and right.

They are treading water now to keep from going under after they lost millions of loyal viewers due to their liberal agenda.

Bloomberg now reports that ESPN is dragging down their parent company, Walt Disney:

“Disney set off a meltdown in media stocks two years ago when the company acknowledged that ESPN, its most profitable network, was losing business as consumers canceled their cable TV subscriptions. The company has since cut costs, terminating on-air personalities while also looking to stem the viewer losses by extending ESPN into new, lower-cost pay-TV packages. Disney plans to introduce an online-only, subscription version of ESPN this year.”

The company is oozing money like blood. So their solution is to make an online-only product for streaming. But while that might be better for the portion of the population that is aged 18 to 25, it is not so good for anyone older than that. for viewers to be attracted, you need to have something they want to watch without being forced to pay a subscription. That is where you gain brand loyalty. But evidently ESPN doesn’t seem to care about that.

With staff cuts, investing in the NBA and lowering ESPN to lower-paying cable packages, ESPN hopes to rebound, but that is highly unlikely. Until they get rid of their left-wing agenda, people won’t be coming back. Americans like sports because it is an escape from the drudgery of everyday life. We can read discouraging news all day but we need a break. Watching two teams compete against each other, giving it all they have, is a national treasure. Filling our escape with politics naturally turns people off. Why ESPN and Walt Disney don’t understand this is beyond me.