Preemptive Strike Against North Korea In Place And Ready To Launch

The Pentagon has confirmed that there is a preemptive plan in place to take out North Korea. It is considered a last resort but the military pieces are in place.

NBC News provided a ‘specific plan’ provided by the Pentagon. Since North Korea obviously is watching, this video was released with the intention of showing Kim Jong Un our power.

The military is so unafraid of North Korea’s defenses, they don’t mind showing our entire plan. Because they have no ability to stop us.

Retired Admiral James Stavridis told NBC News that this plan is one of “two or three” plans that could prevent an escalation of tensions. North Korea would be neutered and if it followed with a promise to cease military operations, North Korea could back down. They would have little choice since their offensive firepower would be all but completely gone.

  • caesar

    Get ready for a war with China!

  • donl

    Watch, Kim will fold like a bad poker hand.

  • billsv

    If anyone is leaking a plan they should be hung.

    • And that includes Barry.

  • Donald Hennen

    I don’t see much sense in telling the enemy your plans, in advance, even if the plan seems unstoppable. I wonder if this is a sort of feint to get them expecting one thing while another happens.

  • supergun

    We could drop plastic coca-cola bottles filled with baking soda.
    That would shut them down.

  • G Bert

    “… considered a last resort”. Huh? The terms preemptive and last resort are more like opposites. Would that be before of after Fat Boy lobs a nuke on the US or Guam?

  • Esau’s Message

    I don’t want a pre-emptive strike. I want the North Koreans to start this thing. How they choose to start it is up to them? How we choose to finish it is up to us?

  • Paul J. Klosterman

    OK. Seriously. Who does Kim Jung Un really think he is? Doesn’t he know we could blow him off of the map any time we feel like doing so?