Parents Outraged at What A Middle School Teacher Makes Only White Students Do

A middle school teacher in Rockingham, North Carolina has parents outraged for what she forces only white students to do. The parents have demanded that the teacher and the school district face the consequences for what they feel is a hate crime.

American Lens reported on the incident, speaking to the complaints of the parents. Teacher, Tarsha Clarke, made white students, and only white students, stand in front of the class and apologizes to non-white students for their ‘white privilege’. Parents were understandably outraged by the incident and by the administrations desire to simply toss it aside.

At a school district meeting the parents expressed their outrage with the school administration beginning at the one hour mark of the video below:

The first parent, Farren Wilkinson, is relatively patient.

I just want to shed light on a situation that happened at Western Rockingham Middle School. Where a teacher caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students base on their in-equal opportunities of education. So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate bully and degrade children. This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs. These children are not responsible nor accountable for any inequalities that are believed to be present.

The second parent, Robert Jeremy was a less forgiving.

Common sense, when did it become a good idea to attack a child at school because they were white, or they were black, or they were straight, or they were Christian? Or because they believed in something moral that they were taught at home? You see I teach my child and my two older daughters family values, Christian values. I teach not to judge somebody by the color of their skin but by the color of their heart. And my child will not be insulted, reprimanded, corrected because he has good moral fiber.

American Lens reached out to the principal of the school for a comment but she refused to give any information on the school’s position. However, she did say that Clarke still teaches at the school. The parents of these students need answers and the teacher and the school district need to face the consequences for this sickening incident.


  • barbaro70

    Forcing white students to apologize for their “white privelege,” whatever that is, just shows the extremes to which libs/lefties/”progressives”/Democrat jackasses can go. The stupid teacher should be fired, not just for her bad judgement and selfishness, but for her libism/leftyism/”progressivism”/Democrat baloney ideas about reality, life, common sense, the American so-called “educational” system.

    • keepyourpower

      Her bullying, alone, should get her fired.

    • Dean

      Needs to have her right to teach removed also…

  • owend2001

    Lawsuit time. Get the American Center for Law and Justice to handle the case. Publicize it, and make the school district pay, then apologize to the students and their parents. Oh yes, and it might be a good idea to include the teacher on that lawsuit as well.

    • jwright673

      The teacher should be at the top of the list of those being sued. She needs to be drummed out of the “education” business, take her teaching certificate and have the school promise to reveal why she was fired if another school district somewhere inquires about her past. It is time to quit coddling these people who latch onto some ideas spawned by liberals who hate themselves. Treat them like the trash they are.

  • keepyourpower

    Sue! Sue! Sue!!!!!!!! Get free Representation from the ACLJ! Look for Mr. Sekulow!

    • VanceJ


  • usmadgirl

    I watched the video from the beginning to the 1 hr, 40 minute mark. I would suggest everybody watch from the 18 minute, 40 second mark to the 1 hr, 40 minute mark. It’s amazing what’s taken place in just this county, but the Christian community is fighting back against the totalitarian Leftist bureaucracy!

  • VanceJ

    Un – equal education ? what a load of crap, they all go to the same School.!!!!!

  • gray444

    1st when you see this picture you think that is the teacher that did it and it is not it is and outraged parent. Who happens to be a hottie 😉 who should go out and get a lawyer and teach her kid that there are repercussions for your action’s. When someone defames you like say CNN has done to a Trump supporter who just won his case against them. Also like Beef company CEO who just won $1.9 Billion dollars from CNN. That ignorance is all around you do not get mad get even the right way. We are not like the liberal nut jobs who burn, riot, and used violence we use the courts like civilized people. Amen !!!!



  • reagangs

    It’s time to: 1) change schools, 2) home school. Some school admins and the teachers unions have become SWJs for a socialist (communist, Marxist) agenda. It was foreseen in Marx’s Communist Manifesto (~1850s)

  • ch

    I find it interesting that this teacher is NOT listed on their site as a teacher, however the principal and assistant principal are. Here is the link to the page with the information, I suggest everyone write them and call for Clarkes firing.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    I would be livid if a teacher did that to my kids. None of those kids had anything to do with what happened centuries ago. That teacher should be seriously reprimanded for her stupidity.

    • old codger

      It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. To the teacher!!!! Hows it feel to be stuck in forever?

  • Henry L

    I thought it was the duty of the teacher to TEACH, not to start animosity between students.

  • rbblum

    ‘Unequal education’ ? How about ‘unequal culture’. . .whereby others embrace a culture contrary to the ideals & values of the U S Constitution. . .births out of wedlock. . .expectations that food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and entertainment is a ‘right’. . .provided by ‘the state

  • bangle

    another loser who will never provide real education

  • art

    i’m sorry we should ‘ve picked our own cotton

    • A. Jay

      And shined our own shoes!

  • art

    boy they know how to waste money and time

  • Kevin

    I really wish I were one of those white students (I’m now 58, but would have registered as a Republican at age 10 if I could have done so). I would have stepped up to the front of the class and said to all the minorities I was supposed to apologize to, “F$CK YOU!!!” I wonder if I would have been expelled? 🙂 … a badge of Honor if ever there was one!

  • Disgraceful. Politically influenced students become today’s “journalists” and worse. The offending teacher needs to be transferred to an inner city school system to see what happens. Bleeding hearts often mean nothing there.

  • nolickspittles

    It’s won’t be long and we should all just go back to segregation so blacks can be blacks and whites can be whites and those who want something else can start private schooling and private clubs that include only those of like mindedness

  • Lightning

    This was racially motivated child abuse. That alone is more than enough to merit the harshest condemnation and punishment. But note further, this sort of thing is calculated to demoralize and take down the same Western civilization that gave this teacher more freedom, more opportunity, and vastly more prosperity than 99% of all who have walked this earth. And the school has no comment, the teacher still works there?

    Shame and demoralize the citizens who love our country and form the backbone of our Western culture, open the borders to people who will not assimilate, including many who hate us and will wage organized war on us, and feel good about yourself for your “virtue signaling.”

    Dante needs to add another ring, I think.

    • Mathematical certainty

      Ah, my friend the “INFERNO” has plenty of room to add additional circles.

  • CharlyO

    The only thing real about ‘white privilege’ is in the empty black cranial of those that are losers. Its another way to get benefits you don’t have coming. How about ‘black privilege’ where some of you same losers get to rape the government systems of those same benefits. Get lost, goofy!

  • donald540

    I can see having ONE student that was being BAD and thus having to get up in front of the class and telling some other student they were sorry for the action that was done to them, but to have ALL White student telling ALL minorities there were sorry they had a better I.Q. than they did was outrageous because ALL students should be treated as equals.

  • sickahobomba

    That’s odd…I just checked this school district’s website and read their non-discrimination policy. If this teacher actually acted in the manner described in the article, singling out white students to humiliate them publicly, she was in clear violation of thaeir stated policies and should be disciplined. Had she done something similar to minority students, this woman would no longer have a job. One more example proving libs are hypocrites reeking with self serving double standards.