NBC Insider Drops SLEDGEHAMMER On Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is just a couple of months into her new gig at NBC and her co-workers already hate her.

NBC rolled out the red carpet for Kelly with new staff, new set and live audiences. Kelly is also doing a nationwide tour on a private jet, accompanied by hair and make-up artists, security and a publicist.

This angers some of her co-workers and a network insider spills why:

“People are outraged over her divalike ways. When does NBC stop throwing money at her?”

Kelly’s newsmagazine show also flopped. She doesn’t carry a community of loyal fans with her. Her star power has been depleted. Kelly agreed to NBC because other networks were afraid she would go off the rails. NBC is taking a huge risk by putting her in a slot where she could tank their viewers.

According to Life & Style magazine:

With ratings for her new NBC show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly getting lower and lower, things are not looking good for Megyn Kelly.

People are not tuning in as expected to watch the once popular journalist, and along with her slipping numbers, sources reveal exclusively to Life & Style that Megyn’s spirits are also dropping.

“Megyn’s really worried,” an NBC source says. Megyn, 47, “has been reaching out to former Fox Newscolleagues, including Sean Hannity, but Sean hasn’t returned her calls.”

Maybe bashing President Trump and perpetuating that he somehow rigged the election is why Megyn Kelly hasn’t been very popular with any type of viewers.

  • AmericanMan2012

    Ah the feminist dream, to have it all, fame, money, and of course Power, but if you act outside of God’s law, and show your nasty, divisive , condescending ways, He will turn the tide on you every time.
    If She had shown compassion, empathy, kindness, and TRUTHFULNESS, she may have had a chance.

  • boxdin

    She is a legend in her own mind.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    So glad that the American public is turning their backs on not only her but all fake and sensationalized news!

  • John Cheves

    She’s like a typical RINO. She thought she could screw her conservative viewers at Fox then jump ship and be accepted as a liberal. She can’t tack far enough left to be accepted by them, so she’s screwed herself.

    And acting like an elitist diva is okay with liberals if you’re one of them. But since she isn’t, she’s just digging herself in deeper.

    She’s going to find out that nobody trusts a traitor. Hopefully, the same will soon happen to a lot of Congressional RINOS.

  • Esau’s Message

    It’s Me Again! Is this what she calls Settling For More? Torching every bridge in sight between her and Fox. Then going to NBC, where there was already deep skepticism about, if not outright prejudice against, her from the entire division outside the executives. And now conducting herself in a fashion where she become Neilsen Poison and where all the skepticism and prejudice have become outright hatred. Good luck to you, Meg. You are going to need it, because this gig is make or break for your career. Maybe you’ll learn some humility in the process.